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Repalce an existing Storm Door

I have an existing storm door where the hinges have come apart. Essentially due to repeated opening/closing the screws for hinges have been stripped from the door.
I'm thinking it's best to replace the door.
How difficult is it to replace an existing storm door ?

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Posted 2015-10-27T20:30:56+0000  by snehra snehra
Hi snehra,

Most storm doors include both the metal frame and the door held together by a hinge.

The metal frame typically attaches in numerous places to the wooden trim around the entry door.

The gas compression cylinder also attaches to the wooden frame and gently pulls the metal storm door shut.

With that preface, getting the measurement of your new storm door correct may be the most important part of installation.

Applying screws evenly around the door frame is also important ... if screws pinch or warp against the wood frame the door may not open and close properly.


But before you install the new door, use wood filler, primer and paint to freshen any damage to the wooden door frame.

Keep it simple!

1) Remove any shipping materials;
2) Keep the new storm door latched shut so it remains square while attaching to the wooden frame;
3) Begin with screws in the top and center of each frame-side and work out toward the corners; and
4) Ensure hinge operates freely and then attach compression cylinders to the door frame and test.

On a scale from one to ten, where ten is most difficult, this repair is a 6.5 ... not too difficult, but requiring attention to detail.

Posted 2015-10-27T20:58:08+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Thanks for your prompt posting. If I may ask, where are the challenges in replacing the storm door ? Will I need to modify the new door ... cut or mold pieces. Or simply the detail required to install the new door.
Also, what are the key measurements for a replacement.

Posted 2015-10-27T21:30:47+0000  by snehra
Your Welcome snehra,

Measure twice:

First, use your existing door as your template ... measure outside edge of existing door frame to the same point on the opposite side and top edge of existing door frame to lower edge of existing threshold.

This "template" is your best measure because it is already installed inside your wooden entry door frame.

The actual install measurements (when a door is not installed) are taken from the inside edge to the opposing inside edge of the wooden entry door frame for both width and height ... but you cannot always get these measure exact with a door installed.

If the uninstall goes well, you shouldn't need to cut or add trim.

Certainly replace trim if you find concealed wood rot.

Under low damage conditions, I would repair screw holes and any other damage as indicated earlier ... use wood filler, primer and paint before installing the new storm door.

As indicated, the install is not too difficult, but expect to have another person on-hand ... the size and weight of the door make help necessary.

Test-fit to ensure you've positioned the door square in the frame.

Personally, I like using a drill to drive wood screws into the frame ... much faster and easier.

Follow up and share any tips you feel would help members of The Community.
Posted 2015-10-27T22:43:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello snehra.

I working the doors and window department, and I get this question all the time. Here are a your options, there are 3 different types of storm door installs depending on how handy you are.

Storm Door Features

45 Minute Easy Install

Andersen storm doors with the 45 Minute Easy Install System come pre-assembled for easy installation with only basic tools in as little as 45 minutes. Minimal installation steps with no tricky measurements or sawing. Your storm door is ready to secure into the door opening in minutes.

2 Hour Easy Install System
Storm doors with the 2 Hour Easy Install System come prepped for easy assembly and installation with only basic skills and tools in about 2 hours. No tricky measurements or sawing. Convenient spacer clips eliminate guesswork by insuring door is level and aligned in the opening before securing.

The 3rd type of storm door install involves cutting & drilling to install the door, these are doors that are the least expensive and take much longer to install, depending on your abilities. 

How to Install a Storm Door

With this website link, you can choose the door you want, get installation instructions, video on how the measure the right area.

Measure Your Doorway  

Before you can install the storm door you need to know exactly where to measure, and measure the right location is critical. 

With the video & links, hopefully this will help you even more!

Posted 2015-10-29T14:31:12+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Thanks for the information. I am also planning to install storm doors and windows at my home. I have discussed this with my friend and he suggested me to go for hurricane impact doors and windows. Even, I have researched about it also, and I found this article which has described about impact doors very well.
Posted 2016-05-28T10:28:24+0000  by MorrisLBerry
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