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Replacing light with in older house

[Maryland, USA] I am replacing a ceiling light in the garage. The old light was a simple single light controlled from a single switch. No fan. I am replacing it with a new LED light fixture that has the three wires (black, white, and ground).The ceiling box has two cables coming into it. One has four wires: black, white, red, and a green ground. The other cable has a black, a brown, and a ground wire. The two ground wires are twisted together and connected to the ground screw on the box. The two black wires are connected together into a wire nut. The wires that we connected to the old light were the red, white, and the brown. 

My question is, what wires do I connect to the black and white wires on my new light?

Attached is a picture of the box as it looks now. Thanks 

PS: The house was built in 1962. I did not take a picture of how the old light was connected.

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Posted 2021-01-11T01:46:30+0000  by WVEd WVEd
It looks like you have an older version of non-metallic cable (often called Romex) that's likely original to the house.  The second cable, is not black, brown, and green but rather black, white, and green.  The white has discolored with age, likely due to heat.  Which makes me wonder about the condition of the insulation and I might loosen the cable clamp and see if I could put a bit more of the cable into the box.  Carefully strip back the jacket and see how far the "brown" goes.

As for hooking it up to the new fixture.  Red to black (hot) the two whites (brown) and white from the fixture.  Ground under the ground screw.

If you are not comfortable with any of this, please hire a licensed electrician.
Posted 2021-01-12T01:14:40+0000  by Adam444
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