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Rosemary plants problem

Howdy Fellow Gardeners,


A customer brought me some samples of their prized rosemary plants. After inspecting the plants the problem was very apparent. 


There was globs of a white sticky substance all over and in the rosemary needles. After having seen my fare share of bugs and disease it was apparent the problem was "spittle-bug" ( philaenus spumarius) and needed to be dealt with.


 Large infestations however can adversely effect your plants especially large scale crops, so take care of the problem early and you’ll be fine.For home gardeners the best defense against these plants is to simply spray off the plants with a strong stream of water. Yes, early detection helps and it can be that easy.

Insecticidal soap and horticultural oil are considered less toxic than other types of pesticides but can still effectively control spittlebugs. These safer alternatives have a low toxicity level to mammals and beneficial insects and will not leave harsh residue on the plant. But these pesticides must come in contact with the spittlebug in order to control them. If the problem is very recent, I just take out the garden hose and spray them off.

happy gardening,
Coach Dave
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Posted 2018-03-09T02:31:15+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC