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Screening In Back Porch

Ok, this is something that has been on my mind for the past year. I enjoy sitting outside, but didn't the insects that come along with the summer weather.


I am interested in seeing if taking on the task of framing and screen in my back porch would be too much to handle on my own, or would it be better for me to hire someone to do it for us? If it's not too much for my husband and I to handle please let me know where to start.


Any Suggestions are welcomed, thank You


Navy Wife

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Posted 2011-02-22T21:59:28+0000  by NavyWife NavyWife

Hello NavyWife,


The Greengiant is correct that if you don’t have a roof already then it would be a lot more work and the skill level jumps up. If you already have a roof and all you wanted to do is screen in the area then I believe that is something that you and your husband could do.


 Most patio covers have 4 x 4 posts that hold them up. This would be your main framing that you would build off of. I have drawn up a diagram of how I would do it if it were my patio.

screen patio.JPG



You can make the bottom solid with plywood / siding or if you want the entire wall to be screen then I would use a 2 x 4 for the cross member and then 2 x 2 for the vertical ones. That way you could still attach the screen below.


I would use aluminum framed screens that way when you need new screen you can replace it just like a window screen. The Home Depot sells all of the materials that you would need to make it whatever size you need. ( Max 84”.) They are really easy to make and to re-screen. All of the corners are straight cuts no angle cuts.


Then I would use a cove molding on both sides of the frame to hold it in place on the top (see diagram) and on the bottom you would use the cove molding in between the 2 x 2 and on the outside  of the screen frame. I would nail the inside cove molding and screw in the outside ones so that you can easily remove it when you need to re-screen it.


Add a paint job and a nice cold glass of….water and enjoy.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Best Answer

Posted 2011-02-25T20:40:03+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hey NavyWife.


I just saw your question from Tuesday. Sorry it took so long to get you an answer.


If your back porch does not have a roof over it then I would recommend finding a contractor to do it. You do not want to deal with that, for it is quite an undertaking. If it has a roof then it is something that could be manageable. Let me know and we will see what we can do.

Posted 2011-02-24T16:23:13+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hello, thanks for replying back.  My back porch does have a roof over it. Please keep in mind that my husband and myself aren't handy men, but we are trying to get there.  :)


Thank You


Posted 2011-02-28T21:05:03+0000  by NavyWife

Thank you so much, "shecandoit22", you gave alot of help and detailed information. I was trying to picture it in my mind as I read it, but it wasn't all there. :smileyhappy:


However, I think my husband and I could make this work with the instructions you gave us and working with customer services in the store once we get all the supplies. '


I may be in touch.


Thank You


Navy Wife

Posted 2011-02-28T21:11:03+0000  by NavyWife

Hello NavyWife, another alternative to moulding to hold the frame of the screen is a product called Screen Tight.


The system uses 3  part process. In the small picture below, you can see parts A, B, and C. Part A is the base that you attach your wood framing,  Part  B is the screen material that is fastened with Spline that fits into the grooves of Part A. Once the spline is rolled into place, then it's time to cover it with Part C, which is the Snap Cap


These parts located at your local Home Depot in the Millwork department, and they come 4 colors, White, Grey, Beige, Brown, some colors may need to be special ordered.


I've included  links at the bottom of the posting to Screen Tight so you can get an idea of what it will look like on a larger scale. screen tight.gifPlease let us know if you have any questions regarding this or any other products.




screen tight part A.JPG


screen tight part B.JPG


screen tight part C.JPG

Posted 2011-02-28T21:57:27+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hi, I live on an old service base in Runabout,IL. And I want to find out the information to screen in my back porch. My fiance has measured the back porch And it is 8.3 Ft. Wide And 8.3 long with a roof over it. I love my home but I don't like the bug that hang out on my back porch with me. Please help. 

Posted 2012-06-07T19:54:18+0000  by markeshiaclark2
Can you give me a very rough idea of price ranges to screen in my porch?
Its 12x14.5; concrete floor with a 9.5 foot high bead board ceiling. It attaches the house on one end and it's held up by 3 7x7's on the other end. No other supports.

I will be paying Lowes to do the wok
Posted 2013-03-25T18:00:29+0000  by JohnBrad

Hey JohnBrad.


The Home Depot has created a site where all of your local contractors can compete for your business. With Red Beacon, just enter your information and you will get a call almost immediately for more details for your project. This project will be sent out to all your local contractors where they can then compete for your job. All of my neighbors have used Red Beacon and it is truly a great way to get your project done right and under budget.


All contractors have been background checked and are licensed and insured. This is a free service and you are not obligated to anything. You have nothing to lose with this service. If you do not like it then I would say, feel free to have Lowes do your project. I just know that the folks at Red Beacon can get this project done for you much cheaper.


You can also take your project to your local Home Depot Pro Desk where they can get you a cost on materials for your project.


Red Beacon is not country wide yet but it is in many major cities and their suburbs.


I would love to hear back from you and hopefully Red Beacon is in your area. Give it a shot and hit me back here.


Posted 2013-03-28T14:13:06+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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