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Shoe Organizers: Hidden Places for Shoe Spaces (Part 2)


In Part One, several familiar shoe storage systems were discussed.  If you are like me, there are more shoes than space.  Part Two discusses hidden places where store storage can be found – often in the most unlikely locations.  I personally use some of these areas for seasonal storage and find them quite helpful and advantageous. 

Platform Bed Take Shoes Down Under

A platform bed can be modified with support braces encased within an outer frame to access valuable hidden space for more shoes.  Place the underbed storage drawer with the additional shoes closest to the main shoe storage area for fastest response.  Check out the post, How to build a platform bed with storage?, for more information and further instructions.


What’s Hiding in That Ottoman?

Shoe storage inside an ottoman or bench doubles as extra seating in an entryway, family room, living room or bedroom.   This is a great place to store special occasion  or seldom worn shoes.



Shoe Storage for Special Needs

Convert a small dresser into a shoe storage system using euro-tray hinges that enable the drawer front panels to fold out.   (You would need to remove the drawer front and create side panels when retrofitting an existing dresser).  This would be great for a child’s room or for persons with limited mobility that cannot easily reach lower levels or the floor.  Sink front trays may also be an option for small drawers when storing small shoes and slippers. 


Shoes That Can Travel

Our post, Turning staircase into storage, discusses accessing space under the stair tread by using a flush mount spring hinge to create a stair tread that flips up.  Another option would be to use drawer slides to pull out from the riser framework and install a drawer into the step to pull out hidden shoes.   In either case, be sure that the stair rise or tread is fully returned to its original position before anyone uses the step.  This is a great idea for storing rain gear or out-of-season winter mittens and boots at an entryway. 


Hide and Seek Organization 

When it comes to having the little ones pick up after themselves, anything not on the floor is considered a win.  Large diameter PVC pipes can store school supplies, plush toys and shoes.  Using a hacksaw, cut the pipe to length (8-16 inches long as suitable for the child to reach inside the pipe and not get stuck), file the edges with sandpaper or a file, decorate or paint as desired then use construction adhesive to join together.


I would love to hear about your experiences with shoe organization.  Be sure to also check out Part One, which discusses how to find a system that works for you and common shoe storage systems.


Read more: Part 1: Shoe Organizers: Find a System that Works for You.

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