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Bath & Faucets

Sink faucet is loose

Hello all,  I am having a little issue with my sink faucet coming loose I thought it would be a quick fix however there is this plastic sleeve that doesn’t tighten, I hope that there is someone that can help me out.  Thank you in advance.
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Posted 2019-12-27T02:36:55+0000  by Beardedtrooper Beardedtrooper
Hi Beardedtrooper,

You did not indicate if this is a bathroom or kitchen faucet, For a bathroom faucet, they normally have 4 inch spacing and one or two handles. Single handle faucets usually have a clamp and nut that hold the body in place. Tightening the nut usually solves the problem. On two handle faucets each side has a plastic nut that holds the faucet in place, tighten the nuts to secure the faucet.

For a kitchen faucet the same methods apply. Some times reaching these nuts is quite difficult and may require a specialty tool. Ridgid makes the EZ Faucet Tool for this exact purpose, I have one and it is a great tool, you may buy it at your local Home Depot.

  Ridgid EZ Faucet Tool


Posted 2019-12-27T02:51:57+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello BeardedTrooper, and welcome to the Community!

Is it possible for you to post a few pictures of what you need help with, visuals are always very helpful. 

Thanks, we all are looking for forward to your next posting!

Posted 2019-12-27T14:04:02+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
I hope this helps to let you know what I’m dealing with. It is a kitchen sink also when you move that plastic part there are threads 
Posted 2019-12-27T18:01:52+0000  by Beardedtrooper
Is that one of the Glacier Bay “fastmount” systems?  Assuming you’ve tried turning it clockwise to tighten, I’d guess the threads are stripped.  You might try a few turns of Teflon plumbers tape on the threads just to take up some of the slop.  Otherwise you’re contacting Glacier Bay (phone number should be in the manual) for a replacement.
Posted 2019-12-28T12:21:50+0000  by Adam444
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