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Building Materials

Small vinyl siding repair

Hello everyone!

I have to repair a small area of siding in my home. I already have the siding material, however I need guidance on material sheating/insulation to put underneath the vinyl siding. I viewed the underlayment material underneath another section and it appears the material is a rubber sheating/insulation however I could not find that or another comparable item on Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated! 

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Posted 2014-10-22T23:26:59+0000  by Almanzarj Almanzarj
It's difficult to tell from the picture exactly what you have there; the sheathing looks like individual boards.  Is this an older home?

A very sticky, rubbery membrane is sometimes used to flash windows.  It's essentially the same product that used on roofs to prevent water infiltration from ice dams.  In any case, flashing a window correctly is very important, otherwise water can get in and cause damage. 

Can you get us a few more pictures?
Posted 2014-10-23T03:49:46+0000  by Adam444
Yes this is an older home from 1940. Will post another picture shortly.
Posted 2014-10-23T10:36:18+0000  by Almanzarj

Posted 2014-10-23T10:37:30+0000  by Almanzarj
What a great question Almanzarj!

And, thanks for the images!

The steps to repair your siding include: 
1) Remove the damaged corner cover (below the down-pointing red arrow) until your expose one or two complete rows of siding;
2) Cut your replacement siding three-inches longer than the open space (indicated by the right-pointing red arrow);
3) Slide each repair pieces under the existing siding, ensuring that they couple with each existing row until they overlap two-inches;
4) Ensure the exposed end of your replacement siding is long enough to be covered when you replace the damaged corner cover; and
5) Replace the corner cover.

Make certain to cap the top of your replacement corner cover to prevent future damage from water or household pests.

Again, thanks for including the images ... they really help!

It is still difficult to tell exactly what underlayment, if any, was there.

I would suggest cutting a small sample from under the exposed edge and showing it to your Building Materials Associate.

Chance is that you will find a suitable substitute ... something like shingle felt.

Once you complete the repair, come back and share your "How To" solution with The Community.

Posted 2014-10-28T22:59:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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