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Sneaky charges- not disclosing

I just rented a tool at home depot in el cajon and rented it for 24 hours and brought it back after 5 hours. I get my receipt and they had charged an additional 10.05. I ask what this is and it’s the optional damage protection that I had not been told about when I rented. Also all the papers that come with the rental were not given to me until after I brought it back. Took rental manager refused to refund this optional fee despite the fact that the employee had not informed me of it. I signed no actual papers just the credit card terminal. I have given lots of business to Home Depot as a contractor but never again! All because a multi million dollar business charges sleazy fees. How much money have they made off of these optional fees the don’t tell you about? It’s as bad as a gas station that increases each transaction by that 1 penny per person! Disgusting business!
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Posted 2019-11-22T22:38:41+0000  by SDB SDB