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Spider Plant Houseplant

sider plant.png

Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosum

Size: hangs down 2 feet

Light Exposure: bright indirect

Soil: well drained Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Watering: Keep moist but not soggy. Water it when it’s almost dry.

Feeding: once every 3 months Miracle Gro Indoor Plant Food

Ideal Temperature: 55° to 65°F

Safe for pets: Yes


This is a great starter plant for the beginner to build confidence, as it is very easy to not kill. Put in bright indirect light near a window and water it just before it dries out. Use distilled water or let tap water sit out 24 hours, as Spider plants do not like the fluoride in the water. This plant likes to be a little rootbound and can be divided to make more plants. Brown tips are from fluoride or too much fertilizer. This is a great plant for that house with pets.

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