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Spineless Yucca Cane Houseplant

Spineless Yucca cane, Stick Yucca, Yucca elephantipes

Size: 4 to 8 feet

Light Exposure: bright direct sunlight

Soil: well drained sandy Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm &Citrus potting Mix

Watering: water every 7 to 10 days or when the top 1 inch of soil becomes dry

Feeding: light feeders. Feed once every 6 months with Miracle Grow Indoor Plant Food

Ideal Temperature: 60° to 80°F

Safe for pets: No

This plant prefers to be somewhat rootbound in the pot. This prevents the plants roots from becoming waterlogged. Use a quality potting mix that contains about 50% sand. This plant grows outside in zones 9 to 11 and can grow well over 25 feet outside but it will be limited to 8 or 10 feet in a pot. It requires full sun outside so it would do best directly in front of a south facing window in the house.

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