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Spring Planting & Immune System Boosting

Is Spring here already?  That would depend on your planting zone.  In USDA zones 8, 9 and 10, it is time to get to get those new seedlings into a larger pot to get them ready for in ground planting as soon as the ground temperature gets above 50-55 F.


With the weather warming up, those new tiny seedlings will almost get bigger right before your eyes. If you plant in the larger #15 black nursery pots rather than planting in the cold spring soil of your garden, the soil will warm up faster and get your new seedings growing a lot faster. 


Those little 1-inch seedlings will grow to 6 inches, then a foot and before you know it that little inch seedling is 2 feet tall and still growing!!  So, let’s get your fingernails dirty and start getting those seedlings into the ground!


Tomatoes seem to be the easiest to plant this early and are the quickest to grow, at least out here on the West Coast.


What may be a lesser known advantage of working in your own garden soil, are the microbes that you will come in contact with.  In our quest to have an ultra-clean environment, we are actually shooting ourselves in the foot by not being exposed to these tiny microbes that our Parents or Great Grandparents were exposed to when they first came to this country.


Many of our Great Grand Parents or even Great Great Grand Parents were farmers or worked the land in a small garden to survive.  The allergies we are experiencing today were not common and were even non-existent during their days.


Our soil is very rich in beneficial bacteria, minerals and thousands of microorganisms benefit our body, just by coming into contact with them.  This minor exposure to these microorganisms actually help to boost our immune system. 


We already have beneficial bacteria in our gut that is vital to our overall health. Would it not be logical that the same immune boosting benefits of working in our soil could not help boost our immune system and increase our longevity and health?


Let’s get those hands dirty and do some gardening.  Your body will love it!                              



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Posted 2020-03-21T02:16:22+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC