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Spring planting means working hard in the yard

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The fact that we have already dealt with the groundhog (whom is wrong a majority of the time), tells me that spring is right around the corner. Lets come into spring with a clear vision as to what you would like to do to the yard and let us help you with your project ideas.

February is prime time for pruning.

Although it is still too cold for many things, did you know that February is the best time for pruning many trees and shrubs? Follow these principles of pruning your trees and shrubs to start getting in that yard that has not seen you since your winter hibernation started.

Plan your landscape projects by following the same rules as the professional.

As a landscape designer, there were design tips and guidelines that always helped me create an outdoor paradise. Break each part of the yard into pieces and write down some things that you would like from each area. Knowing what plants are suitable for each area is very important.

Shrub selection is important when laying out your plan.

Look at some of our themed articles to help pick the right plant for your area. These articles will also give you some ideas of the things that you might want to look for in your design. Fragrant plants by a sitting area might not come to mind immediately. A butterfly garden is also a great idea that may have not been considered.

Plant Library

Plants That Grow Well in Shade

24 flowering plants that attract butterflies

11 Small Plants for Tight Spaces 

14 fragrant landscape plants

Drought Tolerant Plants That Are Not Cactus

10 Water Loving Plants

7 Best Outdoor Climbing Vines

25 plants and trees with great fall color

Deer Resistant Shrubs and Perennials

12 Great Ornamental grasses

Trees are critically important in a landscape.

Trees are what helps anchor a landscape and are what we design out shrubs, perennials and annuals around. Picking the proper tree may be difficult so we have written quite a few articles to hopefully make the selection process easier.

Tree Library

15 Types of Evergreens for Landscaping

Fastest Growing Trees

25 plants and trees with great fall color

8 Water Loving Trees

Types of Oak Trees

Types of Maple Trees

Bring attention and dimension by adding color with annuals and perennials.

Annual Plant Library

Perennial Library

Annuals and Perennials for Shade


Plant a food plot and some fruit trees.

How to Grow Vegetable Library

Cross pollination for fruit trees and berries

Proper installation and management will help your landscape thrive and will make all that hard work not be in vain.


Amending different soil types


How much water does my lawn need

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