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Square Cluster Paint Design

First I would like to say thank you so much for posting the original picture from the commercial to this site.  I too saw the commercial and loved the design, but could never find it online until I saw it here.  I took the design and what another poster said and used it to make my wall. 


I used 1" thick painters tape for my paint lines.  My pattern was 1", 2", 1", 6", 1", 2", 1", 6", etc.  The 1" is the tape, the 2" is the space at the corner, and the 6" is the space in the middle of the square.  I followed this on the bottom of the wall, and on one side as well.  If you want a completely symmetrical look to your wall, then you need to space the middle of a 6" segment in the exact middle of the wall (on the bottom AND on the side); so measure the middle, then measure out 3" from that point in both directions to get the 6", then do 1", 2", 1", etc from there.  I wanted an off-center look to mine so I just started in a corner.  For an 11'x9' room I went through almost 4 rolls of painters tape so be aware of this.  I also used a laser level to ensure straight lines.  I will show you step by step of what I did.  Hope this helps someone else like it helped me!


First step was painting the wall yellow.

Jimmy's wall.JPG 


The next step was getting the horizontal lines.

Jimmy's wall 2.JPG


I didn't have it go completely to the top or the bottom, I liked this look better, but its all about what you prefer.


The next step was to get the vertical lines.  This step was much harder because my laser level didn't have a level for vertical.  I had to eyeball it and measure at the top and bottom of the line to ensure they were the same distance from the previous line.  This was very tedious, but I didn't see any other way. 

Jimmy's wall 3.JPG


After this was done, the next step is to start cutting the design.

Jimmy's wall 4.JPG


We painted over the tape with gray, and this is the finished product!



And another view...




A few tips/reminders however:

     -  This was VERY tedious and took a long time.  You can do it in one weekend, but it will take a LONG time.  You have to go slow and be patient.

     -  Another poster said the transitions will be "raised."  He is correct.  I didn't really think about it, but it will be a pain to paint over. 

     -  I had gray paint leak through the tape lines into the yellow lines.  This could be corrected by painting over the entire wall yellow again, letting it dry, then painting the gray.  I don't mind the leaking through, but if you want it perfect you will be extremely disappointed, because literally every line leaked through.  You cannot tell from the picture, but standing 5' from the wall you can see. 


If you do go through with this it will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it every time you walk into/by the room.  Thanks again for this great idea!

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Posted 2012-07-07T16:21:51+0000  by SteeleFaucet SteeleFaucet

WOW SteeleFaucet!


Great step-by-step instruction.


I love the convenience of the laser level.


Hey, allow me add a pointer on preventing tape bleed as well as creating thinner transition edges.


Frog Tape came out with PaintBlock ... an emulsion the manufacturer added to the sticky side of the tape. When you paint over the backing with water-based paint, the emulsion immediately absorbs the moisture and swells to create a firm seal along the edge of the tape.


3M has their own version called Edge-Lock ... their entire line of blue tape is currently being transitioned to include this edge-sealing agent. As they add this bleed-prevention emulsion, they have also made the paper portion of their tape thinner from the sticky side to the backing.


When you use this thinner tape, you gain the advantage of creating a thinner transition line.


So, the two problems you mentioned (preventing bleed and transition lines) can now both be minimized on your next project by using these modified products.


Again, thanks for the detailed instruction ... GREAT Project!!!

Posted 2012-07-10T14:59:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

That looks terrific! Great job.

Posted 2013-02-20T18:46:52+0000  by graphemeist



Posted 2013-03-05T17:01:45+0000  by George_HD_CHI



That looks great!!!

Posted 2013-03-15T15:11:48+0000  by lorieo
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