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Staining fake wood furniture

I have a dresser that is made out of a material that's not wood and looks like a resin.  What is the name of this type of material?  I have several areas where the stain/paint has come off and need to repair the area.  Touch-up pins and stains don't seem to stick or do anything.

What is the right type of materials to get to repair this type of furniture?
Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2017-01-03T15:36:49+0000  by michaelhuff michaelhuff
There are two kinds of, if you will, "fake" wood furniture.  The first is a thin layer of real wood veneer over a man-made substrate like particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF).  In the case of rare or exotic woods, using a veneer makes a lot of sense because maximizes available resources and helps to keep the cost down.  The other type is essentially a layer of plastic that's made to look like wood over a man-made substrate.  This construction is often used in low cost furniture that's commonly sold at mass merchants like Ikea, Target, WalMart, etc.

It's also important to know that traditional stains only work with bare wood.  Any old finish must be completely removed.  In the case of a real wood veneer, it's possible to refinish the piece but it's best done by someone with experience doing that kind of work because the veneer is so thin.  In the case of a plastic veneer, there is no practical way to repair or refinish the surface to make it look like wood again.  The best bet is to remove any loose or damaged veneer, fill the void with something like Bondo, and then paint the piece.  Because of the plastic, a high quality bonding primer must be used after careful cleaning and a light sanding to give the surface "tooth."  Then apply two coats of oil or waterborne alkyd paint, following the manufacturer's directions.
Posted 2017-01-03T16:25:32+0000  by Adam444
Guess you should read what is posted prior to posting something that is on other questions and is NOT relevant to the question I asked.
Posted 2017-01-03T17:46:36+0000  by michaelhuff
I'm so sorry I didn't answer you question to your satisfaction, which was how to repair your fake wood, "resin" coated dresser that was painted, stained, or perhaps both?  Your attempts at staining and using touch-up pins (whatever they are) aren't working?  Hmmm.  Maybe that's because stains don't stick very well to plastic, but I think I said that already.  Since you're obviously not skilled in refinishing I offered you a simple, cost effective solution - paint the piece.  If really want the damaged areas to look like the rest of the dresser, I would suggest hiring a company that specializes in furniture repair.

If none of this free advice suits your obviously irascible nature, why not wander up to customer service and ask for a refund.
Posted 2017-01-04T13:57:28+0000  by Adam444
Guy you are so off base here it's unreal.  Quick to anger nature, absolutely not.  You used "your" standard answer that is posted here many times over and over again as a general answer to what, show your helping someone by posting an answer, meet a quota??

Why not take the time to answer a specific question like you did tying to be a smart ass..  But I see that's a skill you have and obviously not in answering questions directly.

Posted 2017-01-04T15:38:29+0000  by michaelhuff
I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't work for Home Depot so there's no quota for me to meet and I rarely have a standard answer.  Had you responded with something like, "I appreciate your message but maybe I didn't make myself clear.  Here's what I want to do..."  Instead your immediate reaction was that I at fault because you couldn't describe your problem clearly or what you were trying to accomplish.

I'm glad you went to Lowe's because I own stock in them too. <lol>
Posted 2017-01-05T14:04:30+0000  by Adam444
Hey michealhuff.

I am a Home Depot associate of 20 years and this is my first day back after a few days away from the community. We are a how to website that invites professionals and contractors to share with us their expertise. As you can see not all people here are bound to the same high standards of professionalism as me and my team of HD Pros and for that I apologize.

I had white cabinets in my rental house that had the similar type of white laminate on them. The white turned to a dingy yellow color and they needed refinishing. Where as there are some different types of surfaces similar to this that an oil based primer and oil based paint can properly fix. This is what I went with.

I think the best option for this piece of yours would also be a oil based primer and an oil based paint. This combination would hold up the longest. If you are not sitting things on it or sliding stuff across it you could use an oil primer and latex paint but I would probably use oil based primer with oil based paint.

Sorry for your bad experience and although you do not owe it to us, I hope you will give us another chance. Thanks.

Posted 2017-01-05T15:14:30+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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