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Step Stool

The old axiom still holds true: Measure twice, cut once. But sometimes, that alone isn't enough to get it right. This is where a bit of technology comes to play in the world of hand tools. Drawing software, many of them free, such as, Google SketchUp, allow us to make scale, measured drawings. We can see just how our piece is going to go together, add in dimensions, even create cut lists.


Here is an example of a stool I'm making for my daughter drawn in SketchUp.

Step Stool

Now, not only do I know all the dimensions of the pieces I have to cut from my 1"x8"x6', I can make sure that my design is going to work as I think.


Just do a search for free drawing tools for woodworkers and read the reviews. There are a lot of choices available.

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Posted 2010-11-07T04:21:12+0000  by Paul Paul
That is very cool. I had no idea that google had a free tool in that category. I am going to download it now
Posted 2010-11-07T13:50:57+0000  by Fletch

That's great Paul. I too am a big believer in doing all I can to visualize a project before I get started. Whether that be sketching, or building a scale mockup its always helpful to work out any snags before you get going. Nothing worse than getting halfway through only to realize your plan is a no go. Once again great tip for the community.



Posted 2010-11-07T14:31:49+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

I didn't know that either what's goggles tool ULR or I'll get lost looking for it and end up at ******** .com again that's a cool stair. I wanna build one.

O yah in my case it's measure 3 times then cuss and cut and then say what the *&$(# were you thinking.. I love being retired I get into more dam stuff than you can shake a stick at..

Went to Lowe's for a new tape mesure then to the Depot and came home with a mig welder then the next day a cutting torches yes they were Lincolns new regulators too, their slick, the wife said what are you going to do with that?? ( now take this as a warrning ) BUILD YOU A CAGE  it's getting cold here in Michigan so I can finally come back into the house



Posted 2010-11-19T23:13:51+0000  by juiceofChicago


Fine Woodworking has some excellent tutorials for woodworkers.


Sketchucation is another resource for tutorials, models, scripts and just about anything else SketchUp related.



Posted 2010-11-22T01:56:57+0000  by Paul

Here it is in use


Posted 2011-09-03T15:58:19+0000  by Paul

Hi Paul,


do you have the dimensions for the stool? 





Posted 2012-07-17T16:08:16+0000  by WayneFeller
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Posted 2012-07-22T19:33:52+0000  by HomeDepotTara
It's worth building anything for this princess! How cute!
Posted 2012-07-24T03:40:28+0000  by DasKannIchTun
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