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Stopping a leak on the bathroom sink drain

I found a tiny leak where the drain from the sink meets the gray plastic pipe under the counter. I tried to loosen the screw-together gasket which appeared to serve as the seal between the basin and the pipe assembly but that only made the leak worse. Is this just a simple case of applying some plumbers putty and resealing the gasket or is there something that I am missing? Thanks for the help. 





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Posted 2013-07-12T19:08:21+0000  by JMJohnston75 JMJohnston75
its a casting issue . the rubber gasket if tightened up should seal it . the only place plumbers putty goes is under the lip inside the bowl . did you try loosening it move gasket and re-tighten it . the gasket usually takes care of slight imperfections , but if there's a chip or hairline crack take it back or try a thin finger slither of clear silicone around edge before putting rubber gasket in .
Posted 2013-07-13T00:44:00+0000  by ride-to-live
So I applied the Silicone and it worked great with the stopper closed. But when I opened the drain water came pouring out where the gray connector meets the white. All the links seem to be screwed together tightly, and I have loosened and re-tightened but I have the same leak, any suggestions?
Posted 2013-07-16T18:02:55+0000  by JMJohnston75

only thing left is to replace the drain p/u assembly . most likely the plastic is cracked . get rid of that cheep plastic junk get yourself a metal p/u . I have a lot of customers comming in for them because they get an ok faucet with cheep p/u


Posted 2013-07-30T03:42:58+0000  by ride-to-live
Hi JMJohnson75,

Your first impression was right on the mark ... tightening the rubber compression seal should have stopped the leak.

Those do not usually require sealant, however I tighten them until I can see the rubber ring compress and seat into the bottom of the lavatory.

Your photo doesn't show a crack in the plastic, however use a light and inspect it carefully.

If a crack if identified, you'll simply need to replace.

Try tightening the fitting until you see the rubber compress, then test again.
Posted 2015-11-05T23:09:26+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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