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I have a small pantry cupboard that is built around a chimney and there are some areas that are open around the chimney where things could  fall down a hole. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the space contained?
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Posted 2017-07-12T00:35:25+0000  by Hochmann Hochmann
Hey Hochmann.

Without pictures it would be hard to picture what we are dealing with. When working around fireplaces, you cant use just anything, as there must be proper insulation around it and fireproof materials anywhere where heat might be present.

What kind of building materials are currently used inside the pantry? Sheetrock?

Posted 2017-07-13T11:22:13+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
Image result for closetmaid wire pantry basket

Greetings Hochmann,

Utilizing every inch of storage space is a necessity in the kitchen. In older homes, especially, I feel that you have to invent space to get the maximum storage capacity. As Ingar stated it is hard to picture just what your needs are without an image, but I do have few suggestions. Sometimes a few recommendations may spark an idea for a solution!

First, let me suggest the use of a “Great Stuff” fire block foam insulating sealant; this spray can seal any gap that may be between the uneven margin of the brick and the shelf in the cupboard. Read all directions on the Great Stuff fire block can, it expands a “great” deal so you must be mindful of that during application. I suggest doing a trial run with the spray straw so you completely understand the expansion….I learned the hard way, also wear gloves, also learned that the stickiest hard way ever!

Second suggestion: line the shelf with sheet metal, you can trim to size, bend up the back portion and butt the sheet metal right up to the brick and keep things from slipping down into the abyss. Sheet metal will also be heat retardant

Next, how about cookie sheets, or a jellyroll cake pan? Slide them right into the shelf and you have an instant sliding shelf with a back lip, to help keep things in order.

Wire baskets are another storage solution, put flour, sugar and all your baking needs into containers and then into one basket or bin. Take the whole “baking bin/basket” out when it is time to whip up delicious baked goods.

Right now The Home Depot is getting ready for back to school and dorm living with a great selection of bins, baskets, and small wooden crates, stop by your local Home Depot for some inspiration!

Keeping items corralled, and contained in bins and baskets, especially small bottles like spices and vitamins will prevent them from getting lost in the daily shuffle in your cupboard and cabinets. It is hard enough to stay organized, but the thought of things truly disappearing into a gap….is a bit unsettling.

Let us know how you “organize” the problem; if you can send us an image, I am sure we could better help close the gap!           Maureen  


Posted 2017-07-13T15:14:28+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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