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Summer Keepsakes: Rooting Summer Annuals

September 3rd 2019, I just cannot believe that the month of September is upon us and that I have started to switch to autumn colors in window boxes and that I put on a scarf to work in the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot garden department on September 1st, it was a thin, light scarf but a scarf no the less…the change is coming!

Looking through old posts I came across a good way to keep summer growing! Check you garden for some annuals that will benefit…you if you just get some cuttings.


How To Keep Summer Growing


Keeping all the beautiful flowering plants going and growing through the heat and drought of the summer can be an endless task; but actually the end is in sight!


The end of the warm summer months is a harsh reality; and the fact that all the annual plants that I have nurtured, sustained and kept alive will meet their demise with the first frost is very hard to except.


I have been working at rooting some cuttings, of a few of my favorite, summertime performing plants:




Plectranthus Variegata: ‘Lemon Twist’, I planted this great plant for its fabulous foliage and texture in an old milk chest in the early spring. The variegated, fuzzy member of the ‘Swedish Ivy’ family grew incredibly well; it was the dominating plant in the combo container all summer.( back left corner)

I also added the cuttings into garden arrangements that I made,and into some tiny glass bottles for the vintage bottles post; that is when I realized just how easy they propagate and set roots.




*Note the new growth, tiny leaves that are already emerging from just three weeks in water!




King Kong Coleus; another one of my all-time favorite, bright and beautiful, summer show stoppers is also so easy to root in water. I took a coleus cutting remove the bottom three sets of leaves, placed it into a tiny clear bottle of water and within  a week there were roots starting to spread. The picture below shows three weeks of root growth from the coleus, it really is just that easy!



Keeping a bit of summer growing is a rewarding idea. I cannot control the weather and it is inevitable that the frost will come, so preserving and fostering a few cuttings from a summer garden and lining a window sill with new life brings promise to the next season, and new beginnings. 


Go out…go into the garden, check your window boxes is there some plant that you have admired all season, that you would love to see continue growing? Let us know, and if it can be easily propagated, we can help you with the propagation process.


Next week I will be potting up these rooted cuttings; check in and see how it goes, and bring your questions about your favorite summer plants, we are here to help and advise you! …Let’s keep summer growing, I refuse to surrender yet!  


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Posted 2019-09-03T15:41:20+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Your ideas are great and helpful, I will apply it now!
Posted 2019-09-07T15:50:26+0000  by bonniee
This really answered my problem, thank you! temple run 3
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