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Wheres the survey located if i dont have my receipt, but want to acknowledge Excellent Customer service provided by an employee? Just FYI Tim Stout of Anchorage, AK store off Tudor was Awesome and deserves a definite high five for his great customer service and was very helpful when i was in a jam and needed assistance to get what i needed to complete a project. Thankx Tim Stout! 
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Posted 2019-03-01T04:23:16+0000  by Crazy907ck Crazy907ck
Hello Crazy907ck and welcome to the Community!

I'm glad you had excellent customer service, unfortunately without your receipt you are unable to complete the survey since the receipt contains the USER ID & PASSWORD to complete the survey. But, you can email to tell your story and highlight the great service you received from Tim Stout or we can forward this message for you, just let us know. 

Thanks for posting!

Posted 2019-03-01T13:20:51+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi Crazy907ck,

The best way to acknowledge Tim's great customer service is to contact the Anchorage store manager, they are always happy to receive customer feedback and will make sure Tim is recognized for his efforts.

Posted 2019-03-04T20:03:49+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
My sincere thaks to the home depot store for giving me the $5000 gift card for free. I participated in the official home depot customer satisfaction survey on I shared my feedback on the given official home depot survey website and luckily I am the winner of the survey and the home depot management given me the $5000 gift card.
Posted 2019-11-25T09:34:19+0000  by johnwick32
The most ideal approach to recognize Tim's incredible client assistance is to contact the Anchorage senior supervisor, they are consistently glad to get client input and will put forth sure Tim is perceived for his attempts.
Posted 2020-11-07T08:05:05+0000  by jack240
I'm happy you had incredible client assistance, shockingly without your receipt you can't finish the study since the receipt contains the USER ID and PASSWORD to finish the overview. Be that as it may, you can email to recount your story and feature the extraordinary help you got from Tim Stout or we can advance this directive for you, just let us know.

Posted 2020-11-07T08:06:09+0000  by jack240
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