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Thank you to Emeryville Manager

I wanted to write to express my appreciation to a manager at the Emeryville, CA store. The moment happened so fast, I didn't even get his name, so I'm hoping you can share with their team or even find out who it was.  

There was no way he could have known, but one of your managers brought some much needed holiday cheer to me and my husband on the afternoon of December 15, 2018.  Just a few days beforehand, we found out that our unborn baby had a severe chromosomal defect that would result in its death before being born.  To take our mind off the horrible news and before we had a chance to see the doctor again for more tests, we were keeping busy that weekend and remodeling our bathroom.  We were shopping for a bunch of items at home depot, and passed one of the managers in a couple different aisles.  He saw how sad we both looked, especially me, and must have said something to my husband while the two of them were in the next aisle while I wanted for the cart---because when they both came back to where I was waiting, he wrote on a slip of paper that the cashier was to take $50 off our entire order.  For no reason at all.  He wrote that it was for "customer satisfaction" on the slip.   He must have been a manager because the cashier didn't question it when we handed it to her.   I smiled and said thank you, but was in shock at the moment.  I wish I had gotten his name and been able to show my real appreciation. 

It was the sweetest random act of kindness, and the first good thing to have happened to us in too long.  It has been a really hard holiday season, we have since lost the baby, but I wanted to write and thank this mystery manager for seeing our pain and deciding to brighten our lives a little bit that day.  You have good people working there, thank you again. 
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Posted 2018-12-26T23:24:25+0000  by LilyAnne LilyAnne
Hi Lilyanne,

Thank You for your kind comments about our Emeryville manager. It's great to know that people care. Showing compassion and kindness is too rare in this busy world of ours. I have passed along your comments to our corporate staff in Atlanta. They will contact the store management and thank them for going above and beyond. On behalf of all of us at Home Depot, we are so very sorry for you loss and hope the new year brings you renewed joy and happiness.

Posted 2018-12-27T19:02:17+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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