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The Importance and Benefits of Houseplants


The Benefits of Houseplants

With all that is going on in the world today, it is so important to keep our homes the ultimate place to be, plants will help your indoor environment in so many ways.

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Home Sweet “Air” Home


We spend so much time, energy and money beautifying our homes inside and out.  Picking out paint colors to match the rug and don’t forget the colors and textures of the window treatments. Amazing spectacular tiles for bath and kitchen, beautiful, soft to the touch bedding, gorgeous, luscious towels. We make our homes inviting, to welcome our family and friends; it’s the place we want to be. We all work hard to keep and pay for our homes.


There is an element of interior design that is, often time overlooked. Plants…plants are both beautiful and beneficial to all interior environments.


Don’t make plants an afterthought. Bring plants in as a complement to your décor. They add natural beauty to any setting. Put life into a dead corner, there are so many varieties of tropical foliage house plants that have low light requirements; they will flourish in the corners of your home or office. Taking up little space, but, doing a very big, invaluable job.



Plants add oxygen and clear V.O.C. toxins in our air.  V.O.C's are volatile organic chemical compounds that vaporize and enter the atmosphere. V.O.C's are being emitted from products that surround you in your daily life. V.O.C's are everywhere, all the time they are by products, pollutants of modern day life.



N.A.S.A studies have found that just one, 6inch plant can help purify and remove harmful gases and toxins per 100square feet of living space.  An average home is approximately 1500 square feet, so just 15, 6 inch plants will prove a natural solution for removing contaminates and carcinogens for your interior environment. It is a simple beautiful solution! Why not get growing??A.S.A.P!!

There numerous harmful pollutants, you may recognize them by name, or have heard of them in the press they are common and present in our homes.

Bezene: found as a byproduct of gasoline, oil, ink, paints, plastic and rubber products.

High levels of benzene, from inhalation can cause dizziness, headache, and weakness, irregular heartbeat, liver and kidney damage- Chronic exposure to benzene even at low levels can cause loss of appetite, drowsiness, nervousness, anemia and bone marrow diseases. Contact with benzene repeatedly will cause inflammation, drying and blistering dermatitis.


Trichloroethylene: found as a gas, emitted from: lacquers, paints, printing inks and adhesives, cleaning solvents.


Trichloroethylene is known to be a potent liver carcinogen

Formaldehyde: is present in so many every day common items, and is virtually in all indoor environments it is found in urea-formaldehyde insulation, particle board, pressed wood products, grocery bags, waxed paper, facial tissues and paper towels.  Formaldehyde is also present in fabrics with wrinkle resistance, fire retardant, and water resistance properties, it is found in carpet backing and floor coverings.  We are breathing in, and touching this noxious chemical every day!


Formaldehyde is an irritant to eyes, nose and throat, and rare cases has been linked to throat cancer, studies have found that exposure to formaldehyde has contributed to the onset of asthma.


The above are just a few contaminates that are found in our living and working spaces. Come to The Home Depot and pick out some beautiful, natural, functioning air purifiers.  Purchase some sweet, clean, air makers. Buy plants! Buy them, bring them into your life, give them what they need, and they intern will provide you with what you really need….clean air. Bring a few to work, improve your working environment it will perk up your office space and your co-cube workers. The following are few suggestions of plants that will work hard for you:


Best plants for removing Benzene:

·         Gerbera Daisy

·         Chrysanthemum

·         Schefflera

Best for removing Formaldehyde:

·         Philodendron

·         Spider Plant

·          Golden Pothos

·          Mass Cane

·          Peace Lily

·          Sanservieria

 There are so many excellent plants to choose from:

·         Chinese evergreen

·         Peperomia

·          Banana Plants

·          Anthurium

·          Ferns

·         Dracenea

·          Diffenbachia

·          Palms

·         Phalaneopsis Orchid

·          Schefflera

·          Song of India

·         ZZ Plant

·          Ivy


Introduce a few plants into your home; they will start working immediately to make your interior air clean and truly create a “home sweet home”.



Breath easy and paint some old pots with no VOC chalky finish paints!   Maureen


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Posted 2020-03-19T12:58:17+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
This is a great read. I wish there was more emphasis in General on Plants creating cleaner air. I also think that we should find another word for "house plants", I think that they do more good in the office as they bring positivity and life to a room. In fact, my boss over at let me redo the office with house plants.

Everybody here says that it brightened up the room and I got nothing but smiles.  Definitely worth it. 
Posted 2020-07-31T19:10:27+0000  by Merican
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