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Toilet - Water bucket versus traditional tank

I have a well that the water is extremely cold and causes condensation on the outside of the toilet top tank.  This in turn drips on the floor and has caused damage in the past over time.  The Glacier Bay toilet that has the water bucket inside the top tank would eliminate the condensation and solve my problem.  However, last time I looked in my closest store (Hyannis, Massachusetts) and not seen the one I am looking for.  Is it available in Massachusetts?  If not, can I order it to a Massachusetts store for pick-up?  What model # should I be looking for?
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Posted 2016-01-27T15:47:28+0000  by Sgtmajor Sgtmajor
Hi Sgtmajor,

I checked with Lewis at Glacier Bay Customer Service.

He was not aware of a toilet tank designed to prevent condensation.

He stated, "the problem is condensation on the outside of your toilet tank .. the result of warm, moist air in the bathroom condensing when it comes in contact with the tank which is chilled by cool water inside."

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to install and operate a bathroom exhaust fan.

When vented to the outside, these fans are very efficient for removing condensation ... even while showering.

When you remove moist air from the room, there is less opportunity for condensation to form on your toilet tank.
Posted 2016-01-28T13:45:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Sgtmajor, and welcome to the community! 

American Standard does make a insulated toilet tank, it the Renaissance II model # 741DA.151.020, and you can check with your local Home Depot to see if they carry it or you can order it. 

Keep in mind, your toilet can still sweat if the incoming water is very cold and the room humidity is very high. The most effective (and expensive) approach is to install a mixing valve that's connected to a hot-water pipe. Warming the incoming water slightly stops condensation completely, but there are some downsides. For one thing, you'll be flushing water you paid dearly to heat down the drain. For another, it's often difficult to install the valve in a location that only affects the toilet — you don't want warm water coming out of cold-water faucets, too. These valves are much easier to install during new construction. 


Posted 2016-01-28T15:50:34+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
This is the thread I was researching when I but was distracted by the 18 trackers on

Actually such a toilet does exist, although I'm not sure that Glacier Bay ever made one but there was  a reference to a repair part...  It's called a flapperless toilet and the water that's used to flush sits in a "trough" (or bucket) and dumps into the tank when the toilet is flushed.  One company selling them here.

Posted 2016-01-29T12:49:16+0000  by Adam444
I have a Glacier Bay toilet with exactly the tank design pictured. I would love to know how to find the model number of this one that we bought 4-5 years ago. It does not sweat, & the flapper-less design means no maintenance to replace a leaking flapper. We are currently remodeling another house that will need 3-4 toilets. If we can't find one like the one we have now, we will take the one in our current home with us! Help?
Posted 2016-11-25T04:26:09+0000  by HouseKat
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