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Top 30 Perennials For Your Garden



There are many advantages to planting perennials in the landscape. Not only do perennials require being planted only once but they add dimension and stunning seasonal color to your landscape. Planting the proper combination of perennials will keep your landscape in bloom from Spring to first frost.


You can find these perennials and others in bloom at your local Home Depot store this spring and summer. Lets look at some of these great perennials for your landscape. Click on the orange link to learn more about that plant.


1. Lenten Rose



2. Asiatic Lily



3. Canna Lily

 null Canna President Dormant Bulbs (10-Pack)


4. Columbine

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Red Canadian Columbine Plant


5. Bleeding Heart

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart Plant


6. Purple Cone Flower

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Magnus Purple Coneflower Plant


7. Black Eyed Susan

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Black-Eyed Susan Plant


8. Coreopsis

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Zagreb Threadleaf Tickseed Plant


9. Gaillardia

 Image result for Gaillardia home depot


10. Gaura

 Proven Winners Stratoshpere White Gaura 4.25 in. Grande

11. Heuchera

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Palace Purple Coral Bells or Heuchera Plant


12. Lavender

Image result for lavender plant home depot


13. Salvia



14. Autumn Joy Sedum



15. Veronica

 Proven Winners Hocus Pocus Veronica 4.5 in. Quart


16. Astilbe

 null Astilbe


17. Peony



18. Creeping Phlox



19. Hardy Hibiscus



20. Daylily Stella De Oro

 null Daylily Stella D'Or Bare Root Dormant Plants (12-Pack)


21. Daylily

 null Daylily Grape Magic Bare Root Dormant Plants (8-Pack)


22. Chrysanthemum

 null Garden Mums


23. Hosta

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Antioch Hosta Plant


24. Liatris

 null Liatris Spicata Dormant Bulbs (45-Pack)


25. Shasta Daisy

 OnlinePlantCenter 1 gal. Dwarf White Snowcap Shasta Daisy Plant


26. Dianthus


27. Foxglove



28. Mexican Petunia

 Ruellia perennial


29. Clematis Jackmanii



30. Lamb's Ear



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