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Starting plants from seed indoors is a definite effort; it takes time, it certainly takes up space, it is a nurturing commitment…the temperature, the moisture, the light, are all key factors for the successful germination of seeds. I have not planted seeds indoors for a very long time mostly because of the convenience of picking up beautiful, fresh, reasonably priced, ready to plant, seedlings at my local Home Depot.

This season I have a reason to plant seeds again…. tiny hands, my granddaughter is the perfect age to plant seeds and experience the wonder of nature. I realized she was ready to plant after reading her a book titled “Miss Rumphius”, The Lupine Lady, one my all-time favorite children’s book, (garden themed of course). 

I have read "Miss Rumphius" to so many children over the years; I have even gone into classrooms to share the story, followed by a planting with the class.

I store the book on a special bookshelf in my home, I had been waiting to read the delightful story to my granddaughter, her reaction was the most sincere, honest reaction I had ever experienced from any child, so I knew it was time to plant some Lupine seeds with her.

The entire process of planting seeds was all new for me doing it through her eyes, with her tiny hands, and all of her questions, it was some much fun!

Whether you plant seeds with a child or do it just because you can, it is really such a rewarding process. The Home Depot has everything you need to get growing! The process cannot be simpler with Jiffy peat pods and peat pots, trays, mini greenhouses, organic seed starter, heat trays, and grow lights along with an amazing selection of Ferry Morse and Burpee, organic and heirloom, herb, vegetable, and flower seeds.

Take the time, make the space to start some seeds, cultivating and nurturing plants from seed is and investment that will pay back a million times over. Plant some seeds with a child, that investment will create memories that will last a lifetime, and hopefully the love of gardening will take root as well.

Just get growing, you will harvest much more than beautiful plants!


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Posted 2018-02-27T16:33:28+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS