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Trending In The Aisles: Philips Color and Tunable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz LED Light Bulbs

Having a smart home always starts at your fingertips, whether it's controlling your garage door to your irrigation system.  In the case of lighting, the brand you trust for illuminating your home via cutting edge technology, is Philips.

In the case of their new line of smart lighting, you can opt for various sizes and shapes of light bulbs that can be controlled by the Wiz app that allows you to control the level of brightness and even color!

Control your lighting with the WiZ app

Introducing the Philips Color and Tunable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb, available at your local Home Depot as well as online here!

What makes this product so unique and a must-have for anyone that wants total control of their lighting is in the technology and low price. 

Versatile lighting for every moment of your day

While your local store and here online will carry the current version of Philips Hue lighting systems, these new line of light bulb choices powered by Wiz are much more affordable and requires no bridge for them to work. 

Simply download and use the Wiz app via the instructions listed in the light bulb packaging to get the right amount of light when you need it.

As of this post, your local Home Depot store carries these light bulbs in the A19 and R30 medium base shape/size as well as 6" retrofit LED kits for recessed lighting. Below is just a few features to look at when purchasing these great lighting options.

Note that there are just white color light bulbs as well as full color bulb options available. No matter what you choose, you'll be getting the most complete form out controlled lighting available in a screw in light bulb.

One newer line of light bulbs that are fast becoming popular is the Edison style light bulb. So if you'd like total control over those via your smart device, you can! In fact, you can click here and view the image below to see it!

Below is more information regarding this great new line of lighting for your home.

So in short, you can exactly the proper amount of lighting you need whenever you are at home or away. Not only will this save you in energy costs, but it will reduce the chances of having to buy less efficient incandescent and halogen versions. 

Be mindful that our endless aisles on has not only more options of the Philips Wiz Smart Home LED light bulbs, but also in bulk packages. This is great for if you are starting to place lighting in a new home, remodel, or even for a business.

Color and Tunable White BR30 LED 65W Equivalent Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb

The future is now and today for home automation, so why not try out these light bulbs by Philips to get the most out of lighting wherever you'd like to place these!

For more product information, please click here to view the entire line! 

And as always, please let us know here if you have any further questions,


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