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Trending in The Aisles: Fun Grilling Accessories


The season is in full swing for grilling and barbecuing some of our favorite foods or our go to dishes in the summer. Have you tried using different accessories to enhance your barbecuing experience? If not, check out some of the fun accessories that’s available. I love using gadgets when grilling, like kabob holders. Before I would just lay the kabob on the grill grates and usually burn the vegetables and the meat would stick. Now with a simple kabob holder, you can lay several kabobs’ in the holder and turn them easily. Believe me, you get lots better results and better tasting food.










Other fun accessories might include a poultry roaster, corn basket roaster, so instead of putting the corn on the grill grates, you place in the corn basket which makes it easier to turn, and helps prevent charring. Some other favorites would be to use a marinade injector, to inject your favorite meat with a sauce, beer or wine to add flavor and to keep the meat juicier.










Fish can be hard to grill, as it seems to stick or break apart when turning. Try using a non-stick fish grilling basket or try your hand at using flavored planks, like cedar, alder or hickory. Wood grilling just adds flavor. Other accessories you might want to take a look at are a meatball grilling basket, a jalapeno roasting rack, a bacon grilling rack and a non-stick quesadilla basket.













There are so many different grilling accessories, let your imagination wonder and check out Home Depots’ complete line of accessories for the season is upon us. 

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