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Trending in the Aisles: Clothes Hangers

Granted, writing a post about coat hangers is pretty straightforward...and that is exactly how I will approach said subject. What a lot of folks don't realize though, is that your local Home Depot actually sells them. Not only do we have them, but in various types too! In this post I'll briefly show and link all the coat hangers sold at your local store. 

HDX Clothes Hangers (20 Pack)

This is the most basic clothes aka coat hangers we sell at your local Home Depot. Since they are slim, they are great for small reach-in closets and to hang everyday shirts, blouses, and pants. Since they come in a pack of 20, it's a great starter for anyone who is just starting out or in need of hanging their wardrobe. So for the college student to child, this is a great option. To hang heavier items, like a winter coat, let's continue onto the other options.

HDX Wooden Hanger (5-Pack)

HDX Wooden Hanger in Natural (5-Pack)

Consider this a sturdier version of the thinner plastic ones shown above. You would relegate these to any formal wear, business suit or dresses, and those heavier winter coats. The other natural finish version, shown below and linked here, has notches in them. This makes it easier for you to have a wrinkle-free appearance to strapped or suspended clothing. 

Keter Non-Slip Clothing Hanger (5-Pack)

Non-Slip Clothing Hanger (5-Pack)

This version is the one shown in action at the top of this post. It's as straight-forward as the HDX 20-Pack with the difference of it being non-slip. So for silky clothes or when you don't want your wardrobe to fall down easily off the hanger, consider using this version. It's also good for RV's and campers, since sometimes regular hangers can slip after miles of traveling. While this post is for hangers, don't forget other accessories that your local Home Depot also has for completing your closet.

One great option is a natural cedar wood hanger. For delicate clothing like wool and cotton, use this as a nice smelling and natural insect repellent. Place this in the closet next to those articles you don't want to be invaded or eaten by those pests.

Additionally, for smaller and tighter spaced areas, consider purchasing hooks for behind doors and walls to give yourself more storage for your clothing. 

To decide what clothing organization is best for you, first take inventory of all articles of clothing...including shoes. While you may need ventilated shelving (wire shelving) for some needs, never forget your clothes hangers and hooks...all available at your local Home Depot store!

For this and any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us here.


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