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Trouble installing 5 Wire Defiant Daylight Adjusting Indoor Digital Timer into 4 wire outlet

I am having trouble installing a Defiant Daylight Adjusting Indoor Digital Timer (5 Wires - Red, white, blue, green, white).  The outlet I'm connecting to has the following wires: (black & red connected to existing switch I'm replacing), copper and white.  I've connected the following:
green to copper 
white to white
black to black

At the point the LED display lights up and is working.

I have two wires left on the timer - red and blue.  When I connect the blue wire to the red wire in the outlet, the light comes on but I cannot turn it off.  

1. Does the red wire need to connect anywhere?
2. Why won't the light turn off and what can I do to get it to turn off?
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Posted 2015-06-05T15:34:53+0000  by mwsmith007 mwsmith007

There are only four wires coming from the box - white, black, red and copper.  The previous switch was connected to the black, red and copper wires.  The other switch on the right powers the fan.

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Posted 2015-06-06T00:16:39+0000  by mwsmith007
Hello mwsmith007.  Welcome to the Community!

If I follow your wiring right, it appears that you have it correctly configured.  This is how a typical 5 wire timer should be hooked up:  Note that the red wire off the timer is to be used on a 3-way switch configuration, which you apparently do not have.  For single pole operation, the red wire off the timer should simply be capped off and not used.


Posted 2015-06-05T20:01:11+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
That's what I was thinking as well.  When I have it connected the way you have in the figure, the problem I'm seeing is that the light won't turn off.  I push the button and the LCD display changes from "On" to "Off", but the light always stays on?  Any idea what I should do?  Do I possibly have a bad switch?

Posted 2015-06-05T20:56:59+0000  by mwsmith007
The black and red only go to the old switch?  Besides the white and bare ground are there any other wires in this junction box?

Could you take a couple of pictures of the box and post them please?  Try to get them from different angles, wires have a tendency to hide behind each other.
Posted 2015-06-05T23:07:32+0000  by Adam444
Unfortunately this is one of the problems that if I was standing there would take a couple of seconds to figure out; instead we may need to go back and forth a few times...

What are you trying to control with the timer?  You mentioned the right switch controls a fan, re you trying to control the light of the fan?

There is cable (that's several wires in one outer sheath) on the upper left of your picture with the RED wire.  Where does the BLACK wire of that cable go?  It looks like to the switch that controls the fan (on the right).

Just based on what I'm seeing it sure seems like you hooked it up correctly.  The blue wire of the timer is for the load (which means it goes the the device you want to control).  I have to work today so I won't be back until this evening.  In the interim, you may want to try:

  1. Switch the red and black wires.  Connect the RED wire from you house's wiring to the BLACK wire of the timer and connect the BLACK wire of your house's wiring to the BLUE wire of the timer.
  2. Exchange the timer, if you happen to be near Home Depot today.
Posted 2015-06-06T10:14:31+0000  by Adam444
It appears I had a faulty switch.  It did make a clicking sound when I turned it on and off, but the lights would not go off.  I bought a new one from Home Depot, hooked it up the same way and it worked.  Thank you everyone for your help.
Posted 2015-06-06T11:53:04+0000  by mwsmith007
Glad to hear that things worked out, even if it meant another trip to the store.  All too often we never hear how a project turned out.

Posted 2015-06-07T01:14:32+0000  by Adam444
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