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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

Underneath Faux Fireplace Ideas

I have a dark red faux wood fireplace.  It sets directly on a wood floor and I'd like to put something underneath it to make it look more finished.  Maybe a piece of marble, or wood...something like that.
I plan on putting a decorative object (mirrored) inside the fireplace and tons of candles in front of that.  The opening of the fireplace is very's all made out of wood and has no brick trim or tile.  Thank you.
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Posted 2017-08-31T12:50:20+0000  by Marin Marin
Hey Marin.

You could build a hearth by building a wood box with 2X4's and covering it with backerboard and tiling it with a tile or rock of your choice. This would elevate your fireplace and give it more of a presence.

You could go to the millworks department and add some decorative molding to it as well.

Posted 2017-08-31T15:43:29+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hello Marin and welcome to the Community.


To dress up your fireplace you have many options.  You could special order a piece of marble or granite.  You could also install a slate, marble, ceramic or porcelain tile.  I suggest you visit your local Home Depot and see the great variety of options both in the store and ONLINE.

For example, here is a natural stone Empress Green polished marble floor tile.


Alternatively, a Frontier Brown marble floor tile.


On the other hand, perhaps a Crag Aztec Multi Sunset Slate Mosaic tile.


You have a rainbow of color, pattern and material options.
The tiles could be mounted to a piece of backer board and the edges finished with pencil trim accents.

Let your imagination go wild.


Thank you for your shopping at the Home Depot.



Posted 2017-08-31T15:50:14+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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