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Unknown lilys

We bought these dwarf lily's several years ago and have been looking ever since to buy more. Does anyone happen to know the variety? They are shorter than average asiatic lily's and are more of a pale orange without the black dots in the middle. It will be the last time I take a picture without the tag in the shot.. thanks in advance!
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Posted 2017-04-16T21:11:13+0000  by MicaPhyllo MicaPhyllo
Howdy MicaPhyllo,

It seems your referring to the "Lily Looks Lily" made by Viva plant growers.

Lily Looks is the new generation of Asiatic lilies. In the past several years, advanced breeding in lilies has created a much more compact plant with more blooms, more colors and patterns, stronger stems and long lasting garden performance. 

 ‘Lily Looks’ is available in multiple colors, and have bicolor blooms and unique color patterns. Hardy down to -20°F, this full sun plant will get 24” tall in the garden. ‘Lily Looks’ are excellent border and patio plants. They also make great cut flowers and are an easy way to brighten up the garden. These new Asiatic lilies in particular are exceptional perennials, simple to grow, hardy and long-lived. 

Divide bulbs in the fall every several years. These plants have stronger stems, higher bud count and are better in every way. “Better bud count will lead to more flowers  both in the garden center and then in the home landscape. 

Check with the garden associates at you local Home Depot for availability of these great little flowers.

happy gardening,
Coach Dave
Posted 2017-04-17T17:53:02+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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