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Project Ideas: Customers Show Off

Use NeverWet on the car for no more car washes!!

I would use NeverWet out side all over my car and windshield save money on windshield wipers and expensive car washes!!

No more car wash!
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Posted 2013-06-19T19:41:06+0000  by Wicholini Wicholini

Dang, this is what I'm going to try! I've been thinking of doing this since they were experimenting with neverwet. I'm going to get a detailing first to prep the body and then try the never wet on the top of the body, maybe work on the sides later.

Posted 2013-06-20T02:55:29+0000  by RanmaKei

I forgot to add, after thinking about this heavily it could be a bad idea to coat the base of the weel with NeverWet. The question really is if the road is flooded will it HELP or will it HURT traction with the road. At first it makes sense that it would push water out of the way so that it contacts the road, but could it also make you slide accross as well?

Posted 2013-06-20T03:03:06+0000  by RanmaKei
I was thinking just the body of the car and windows minus the tires. Maybe the walls on tires. (Good for White Wall tires) No need for mud flaps on some cars as well.
Posted 2013-06-20T03:09:12+0000  by Wicholini
Wish I would of been able to spray this on the bed of my truck before I spilled paint on my liner :(
Posted 2013-06-20T03:13:18+0000  by Wicholini
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