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Ventless dryer v conventional dryer connected to an indoor dryer vent kits

What dries clothes more efficiently in a condo with no exterior vent option-a ventless dryer (bosch) or a conventional dryer connected to one of those indoor dryer vent kits?? Does anybody have experience with both?
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Posted 2014-07-01T01:59:11+0000  by tclements tclements
Hello tclements.  Welcome to the Community!

I don't think efficiency is really the issue here.

Without a dryer vent only electric dryers are an option.
A conventional dryer will put all the humidity from drying your clothes into the air of your condo.  You may not mind this too much in the winter when inside air is very dry, but clearly in the spring, summer and fall I doubt you will appreciate the results.  Conventional dryers work much more quickly, but really should  be vented outside.  If you had a home with a large, unfinished basement maybe you could get away with using the indoor kit, but not inside the living space of your condo.

Ventless dryers condense the moisture from clothes into a drain, (if you have one available), or into a tank that you must manually empty.  These units are more complex and are higher priced than a conventional model.  They also can take a couple of hours to completely dry your clothes.  I recommend getting a washer that has a high spin speed to help the dryer out as much as possible.

Posted 2014-07-01T13:43:59+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Conventional dryer will work more efficiently but will draw more current.
Posted 2020-12-07T21:04:13+0000  by ESHOW
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