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Bath & Faucets

Very old bathroom sink faucets

I have an old bathroom sink with the hot and cold faucets on each side how can I connect them?

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Posted 2013-05-30T01:22:12+0000  by angel7malachi angel7malachi

Does you sink look something like this:



What do want to accomplish by "connecting" them?

Posted 2013-05-30T01:57:56+0000  by Adam444

no, mine the water comes out of each faucet so I only get either hot OR cold. I want to connect them so I can mix the water to get warm water out of ONE faucet.

Posted 2013-06-03T03:33:05+0000  by angel7malachi

Oh, that old.


You'd have to do some plumbing to connect both the hot and cold to one of the faucets.  Certainly not impossible.  As you mentioned you're only going to get, at best, lukewarm water.


What kind of access to do you have to the pipes below/behind the sink?  How about your plumbing skills?  Can you post some pictures of the plumbing?

Posted 2013-06-04T01:56:49+0000  by Adam444

ok gimme a day or two n thanks!

Posted 2013-06-06T13:12:19+0000  by angel7malachi
Short of undertaking a complete bathroom remodel the wink pictured above appears to be in very good serviceable condition.  Kind of funny but I also had the very same bathroom sink faucet which ate up neoprene washers like a incessantly hungry dog.  I ended up updating the 8-inch OC faucet with a American Standard ceramic (washerless) faucet with porcelain cross handles which improved the look a thousand percent.  If you undertake such a project be sure and replace the supply shutoff valves with quarter turn ball valves and new compression (I prefer compression over stainless braided flex lines) water supply lines otherwise you might have to revisit this if something else fails.  This is NOT a single person job simply because the pedestal sink pictured above is a 2-pice pedestal cast iron sink which is deceivingly heavy.  Be sure and run a electric snake down the waste  when you have the sink temporarily moved.  The pot metal lock nut securing each side of the old faucet will probably fused to the underside of the sink from years of rust and corrosion so be sure and have a set of automotive impact sockets with extension and ratchet because a basin wrench simply will NOT work. Once completed you will have a renewed love for your pedestal sink once again...BTW, nice blue which compliments the sink nicely!
Posted 2015-05-12T14:42:32+0000  by SWong
That is exactly the right solution SWong!

Standard bath faucets today are most often 4-inches on center (from center of hot valve to center of cold valve) ... which doesn't help angel7malarchi much at all.

However, many current bath faucets are 8-inch on center.

Click here for several examples.

And we even offer some faucets that can be placed at most any measure (connected with a flex tube beneath the lavatory).

angel7malarchi, you should take "on center" measurements of you faucets and valves as well as photos to your Kitchen and Bath Associate ... they will help you find a faucet that will work.

Please follow up and verify your solution so other Community Members will learn from your experience.
Posted 2015-05-26T21:33:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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