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Veterans Day


A Day of Service 

Nestled in the center of Massachusetts, right in the heart of the state there is a place where hope, love and support is planted and where strength, determination and recovery bloom.

Independence Hall is a Veterans treatment center aiding the bravest of the brave fight their way through the war against drugs and alcohol addiction. The supportive care our veterans receive at the facility is life changing; the incredible staff and team of medical professionals provide the footings and help form the foundation to rebuild broken lives caused by the disease of addiction.

The sprawling 22 acres at Independence Hall has walking trails, fields, gardens and gathering spaces providing the outdoor environment to help the healing process. The Independence Hall grounds are beautiful; the deep rooted, mature trees on the site echo the strength and survival of the soldiers on the road to recovery. Independence Hall is a very special sheltered place you can just feel it.

A meditation garden was a vision for the restorative grounds at Independence Hall, a vision that became a Team Depot Project. Working with Veterans Inc. and invaluable vendor input and support, it took many, days and hours of design talk, resource contributions, site preparation and volunteers to build, plant, and see the vision take hold and become a reality.

Tons and tons of stones, sand, soil, timbers and mulch were trucked in; and so, so many Team Depot volunteer hands built, walls, fountains, and pergolas.


Holes were dug by giant gas powered augers as well as by hand with long handled shovels to plant hundreds and hundreds trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials.



Inspiring directions were given, volunteers worked together side by side cutting paths sinking stones, pulling stones, sweeping, raking, laughing and enjoying the progress, and improvements that we were all making.

Electrical conduit was sunk for future lights and pipes for the irrigation and the water features were laid, every detail was considered.

From beginning to end this massive undertaking was totally doable because of the determination and vision of so many partners; Team Depot and the contributions and the loyal vendor support that was tirelessly given, and all of the people who worked together with Veterans Inc. to make sure our recovering veterans are cared for, a true team effort.

As Veterans Day approaches, and every day of the year, we thank our veterans for their service; and we thank them for our liberty.

Thank you to Veterans Inc. and to Independence Hall for providing our soldiers a place of refuge and rehabilitation, a place that is full of hope, wellness and rebirth.

Thank you Home Depot for being a company that supports and gives back to the community and that supports our veterans across this great nation. 

Thank you for the opportunity to spend a day of service with co-workers volunteering to make a difference for the men and women who defend our freedom! 

To all veterans thank you for your service,







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