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Veterans Discount Policy ID


First off I want to thank Home Depot for the outstanding support they give to veterans and the community by giving back.
I have encountered some inconsistencies in the way the clerks at your stores handle the policy and would like clarification and possible addressing of the issue with store personnel.  
Yesterday I encountered a cashier at a location I usually do not go to while passing by.  She insisted I show her my VA card although I had my state issued driver's license that clearly stated VETERAN on it.  She said that only the VA card was allowed as ID and she would only "allow" it this one time.  I informed her that not all veterans have VA cards and that does not make them less of a veteran.  She clearly is a young person with no respect for our veterans in the way she spoke to me and I politely told her so.  I do not fault Home Depot for that, would just like clarity on the policy that any government issued ID is acceptable for the veteran discount.

Thank you!
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Posted 2019-12-02T17:04:03+0000  by JHCVMA JHCVMA
I don’t work for the Home Depot but my understanding is that, with the exception of a few days throughout the year, the veteran discount only applies to active duty and retired military personnel.  I have no idea what your state’s requirements are to have “veteran” printed on a license but if anyone who served for any period of time is eligible, then the license isn’t sufficient identification.

Based on the messages here Home Depot’s veteran discount policy seems to be a sticking point and perhaps there needs to be a bit more clarification at the store level and/or some additional training.  Given the size of Home Depot, that unfortunately might take a while.
Posted 2019-12-03T03:04:04+0000  by Adam444
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