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Veterans discount

So, I have been asking about the Veterans discount.
Here's what i have learned:
You cannot receive the discount for online orders.
You cannot receive the discount if the item is not in stock and they have to order....that is considered an online order. 
ie: Need windows that are not in stock but are standard sizes?  Well, that is an online order.  Follow?
And finally, you cannot receive the discount for 'certain items' in store if they are 'certain commodity items'!!!  
So, how would I know when I arrive at the checkout with my trolley full, which items are 'commodity items'?    hmmm.

Now the 'reason' you cannot receive the discount for an online order is because "they cannot verify"....
I assume they mean cannot verify it is me(I am registered with Home Depot) I asked about contractor's discounts that would be similarly registered and can place orders for pickup online...or even for delivery.
Logically,  I then asked why could not a disabled veteran enjoy the same process?

Home Depot 'online help' says i must go to the store each purchase to receive the  discount.....
Not very easy sometimes for a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran.
Of course, all this is for a simple, 10% discount!!!!  
I thought not!
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Posted 2019-03-06T22:41:59+0000  by veteran veteran
Understand that I am not a Home Depot employee and don't speak for the company.  From what I understand Home Depot's military discount as a number of conditions, including that the discount only applies to regularly priced merchandise purchased in a store.  Frankly I find the policy a little confusing but when a company, who has absolutely no obligation to do so, offers a discount I'm a little surprised at the reaction of people who don't like the terms and conditions of that discount.  

You might consider shopping at Lowe's who has a much more liberal military discount policy.  In fact, it's so liberal that my mother is eligible because my father, who has been dead for 20 years, served in WWII 75 years ago.  My father volunteered but I don't think it was because he thought his wife (whom he wouldn't meet for nearly another decade) would be getting a discount in 2019.

Perhaps you've heard the expression, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch"?  Don't think for a second that the CEO of Home Depot or Lowe's is taking a pay cut because of military discounts.  It's a cost of doing business, like the electric bill, that's factored in when pricing products.  So everyone, including both vets and non-vets, are paying slightly more so you can be unimpressed with Home Depot's policies.  

Posted 2019-03-07T12:58:57+0000  by Adam444
Hi Veteran,

Thank You for your service, we admire and respect all who have served our country honorably.

Now, let me correct Adam444's comments, Lowe's only offers a military discount on regular priced merchandise, this is per their official military discount policy as stated on their web site. At Home Depot we offer the military discount on regular and sale priced merchandise, which makes a big difference on the amount of money you save (sales price -10%).  We do not offer a military discount for on line purchases at this time.

Certain commodity items, ( lumber, drywall etc.) are often sold at cost and sometimes below cost to be competitive in the market place. Thus if we are selling an item at below cost we cannot offer any additional discounts including the military discount. 

The military discount is offered as a thank you to our veterans, however it is a privilege not a right and as such we will decide when to offer it and on what items it is offered on. If you ever have a question about the military discount, please speak to the store manager.

Posted 2019-03-07T19:57:21+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
mike and unknown,
you both missed the point.
primarily, why not register a veteran as is done with contractors.
then, orders can be placed online.

Posted 2019-03-07T21:50:58+0000  by veteran
Hi Vet,

I fully understand your point, this is a topic that has been discussed and is under review by management, no timeline has been set for a decision. Thank you for your input.

Posted 2019-03-08T00:51:30+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
We just found out tonight that Home Depot also no longer takes drivers licenses to show you are a veteran.  You have to show your DD214 to get the Veteran designation, but that is no longer valid fr Home Depot.  At least at lowes once we showed the DD214 and registered, all we have to do is use our phone number.  Why does Home Depot have to make it so difficult.  Luckily Lowes is around the corner from HD.
Posted 2019-03-10T00:01:30+0000  by mekj
Hi Mekj.

We have always required proper military I.D for the discount, unfortunately too many people try to bluff they way through the process and take advantage of a discount they are not entitled to. We appreciate your service and I am sure you can understand that fraudulent use of any discount cannot be tolerated and if not controlled will result in the loss of the discount altogether. 

One point about Lowe's Military discount, they offer the discount on regular priced merchandise only! We offer it on regular and sale priced merchandise, a big difference! Visit Lowe' for their official discount policy.

Posted 2019-03-11T19:23:27+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Mike, that is not a very big selling point if the item you want or need is never on sale.

It is a shame that Home Depot is willing to lose business to Lowe's with their failure to implement an online discount to the military. Lowe's system works very well, both in store and online. The potential for profit gain increases tremendously because so many more items can be carried online than in the store.

Posted 2019-09-14T18:09:00+0000  by July51
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