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Vinyl wall covering off gassing?

I would like to install vinyl wall covering on one of my walls - specifically Multi Color Old Salem Vintage Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper.   Web sites have said that off gassing from vinyl can cause cancer, asthma, etc.  However, non PVC wall covering won’t produce these off gasses.  So does anyone know if this particular wall covering can produce potentially harmful gasses?
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Posted 2019-11-03T16:10:07+0000  by Kmste Kmste
According to the manufacturer, WallPop:

NuWallpaper is VOC, PVC, phthalate, and formaldehyde free.
Posted 2019-11-03T23:09:02+0000  by Adam444
Hi Kmste,

Vinyl wall covering like carpeting will out gas, however most homeowners are aware of the problem and can live with the irritation. The VOC's (volatile organic compounds) will dissipate over time. Place your wallpaper table in the garage or on a covered porch and unroll your wallpaper for a few days prior to installation, this airing out, will to help reduce the VOC levels. 

Out gassing is a common problem in all homes, avoiding products that out gas is very difficult. Choose products carefully, look for product labels that state this product is VOC free. To help avoiding out gassing going forward, keep your home well ventilated and place any cleaning chemicals in the garage to avoid the gases released by them. One way to help prevent health issues from out gassing is to develop and maintain an active life style, you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to remain healthy. 

Take daily walks, eat outdoors occasionally, performing yard maintenance and growing a vegetable garden adds to the enjoyment of life and will enrich your life style and your health. So don't be a couch potato, get outside and keep busy.


Posted 2019-11-04T22:38:44+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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