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Washer and dryer tabletop

Hello all

Recently I visited a house where there was a pair of white front load washer and dryer.

On top of the washer and dryer was a porcelein cover or table top that covered both the

washer and dryer and was used as a table top in the laundry area.  I have checked out the web

and I can't find any brand for the same item anywhere.  My memory says it said Whirlpool on it, and it was

covering LG washer and dryer.    I think   it was Whirlpool but I am not totally sure.    I could not find anything

on the Whirlpool website.  Anybody know where I could price this item.  It looked good, but it would depend on

the price.   It was white and I thought it was porcelein finish just like the tops and sides of the white washer and dryer.

Any help much appreciated.








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Posted 2014-10-05T02:21:16+0000  by Hal Hal
Can't say I have ever seen a porcelain table top but I haven't looked for one either.  Since only steel and cast iron are used as the substrate I would have to imagine such a table (or top) might be pretty heavy and expensive.

Any materials that's used for countertops can be used to provide a work surface over a washer and dryer.  Just like with regular countertops, the lowest price option is typically high pressure laminate (e.g., Formica).  Home Depot sells pre-made countertops is various lengths and if you don't like the color selection, there is a huge selection available by special order.

Here's an interesting idea I saw online:

The countertop is a hollow core door.  Door slabs are very inexpensive (~$30) and can be stained or painted to your liking.
Posted 2014-10-05T04:05:48+0000  by Adam444
Hello Hal.  Welcome to the Community!

I have not seen a porcelain, ready made table top either.
I really like the door idea, but the restriction here is the standard 80" door height that may or may not fit the area you want.
Kitchen cabinet counter tops are typically 24" deep, while washers and dryers are around 30" to 33" deep.

The door concept will work well if it fits, but you could make a table top out of plywood, particle board or mdf easily enough.
Just have it cut to the size you need.  I would put rubber feet on it to protect the tops of your appliances.

In addition, you could also buy melamine covered boards and splice them together to get the desired depth.  This would be a little more work but would look really nice when you are done.


Posted 2014-10-07T14:17:40+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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