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Waste odor

I replace my toilet now I smell waste in the restroom.

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Posted 2013-05-19T16:05:24+0000  by TexasLNL2012 TexasLNL2012

not enough info.  Did any waste spill on floor when changing?  has room been cleaned? Water in toilet bowl?  Is water high enough in toilet bowl not to allow fumes to come up out of toilet stack drain since the toilet IS the pee trap [no pun intended] to prevent vapors from entering the room.  Is there a sink/tub in same room?  Are their traps full of water? Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

Posted 2013-05-19T17:01:17+0000  by spockmckoy

also, you did use a new wax ring on new toilet and the toilet is sitting properly on floor drain fitting and bolted down?

Posted 2013-05-19T17:02:56+0000  by spockmckoy

Yes the room has been clean. There is a tub /sink in the same room. I water is low in the new toilet

Posted 2013-05-19T17:45:05+0000  by TexasLNL2012
Also the wax ring has been change out
Posted 2013-05-19T17:45:57+0000  by TexasLNL2012

Maybe caulking between the floor and the toilet?

Posted 2013-05-20T15:32:59+0000  by DennisJ
Hi TexasLNL2012,

Since your original inquiry, we've introduced Wax Free Toilet Drain Seal.

Great alternative to wax rings.

Should solve your odor problem as well.

Click the link to have a look!

Posted 2015-11-05T20:40:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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