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Wet/Dry Vacuum Dust Collection Bags

When using a wet/dry vacuum for managing dust and debris the filter is an important element. Keeping the filter clean keeps harmful dust out of the air and directly affects the vacuums suction. I recently started using Dust Bags in my wet/dry vacuums and it has been an amazing difference.

My typical workflow involves:

1.       Cleaning or purchasing a filter for my wet/dry vac

2.       Using vacuum for dust management (table saw, sanders, etc)

3.       Removing the filter and cleaning it with the air compressor (if salvageable)

4.       Dumping the dust bin and washing it out

Cleaning the filter thoroughly is very tedious. Running pressurized air through it while trying not to damage the pleats is a pain and never it never gets fully clean. After a couple of projects your only option is really just to go buy another filter.

The dust collection bags make clean up a non issue. Install is as simple as dropping the filter into vacuum and connecting the ports.

I’ve been running two vacuums while working one with the bag and one without. Check out the images below to see just how drastic a difference these dust bags make. Below are comparisons between without dust bag and with dust bag for the filters and collection bins.

Needless to say I won’t be running my vacuums without bags from here on out. The dust collection bags not only help save your filter, you also save so much time in the cleaning process. Just lift the bag out and toss it, install a new bag and keep on working. It’s always nice to find something new (to me) that helps make projects easier and reduces cleanup time between projects. I hope this helps.


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Posted 2019-05-10T15:50:31+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL Chris_HD_ATL