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What In The World Is An Impact Driver?

In the world of cordless power tools, the impact driver has become one of the most popular tools for contractors, the reason? Power and torque.

Unlike a cordless drill, an Impact driver uses a spring-loaded hammer element which adds additional torque to the rotating action. Each time the hammer is released it creates additional force, or torque driving the fastener into the wood or masonry with more force than a conventional cordless drill.

 DeWalt Impact Driver

Impact drivers make installing long fasteners much easier as less force is required by the operator. A long lag screw which might be almost impossible to install with a regular cordless drill, will go in with ease using an impact driver. While impact drivers are powerful, they do not rotate at the same speed as cordless drills and are not as effective at drilling holes.

A conventional cordless drill has a three-element chuck to accept multiple drill and screw driver bit sizes. Cordless impact drivers have a hex shaped chuck, this prevents the driver bit from slipping or spinning in the chuck, increasing the amount of torque applied to the fastener. Impact drivers are so powerful they will often break standard cordless drill bits, so hardened impact driver bits were created


I have a DeWalt cordless impact driver and when its time to install any large fasteners, that’s the tool I grab. All the major brand tool manufacturers produce cordless impact drivers, stop by your local Home Depot and try one out, you will be amazed.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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