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What In The World Is Zip Wall?

The most frustrating part of remodeling or painting is all the preparation, protecting the adjacent areas from dust, drips and spills. This usually means hanging plastic drop cloths up around the room, climbing on ladders using masking tape and trying to avoid falling or tripping on the plastic. Once up they often fall and then have to be replaced.

Enter Zip Wall, an amazing new system to close off an area with plastic and never use a ladder or masking tape. Zip wall use spring-loaded poles to hold up the plastic to the ceiling and the floor.

The tension keeps the plastic taught and in place and when you’re done simply release the poles and the plastic is easily removed.  Each pole has a plate which snaps together to hold the plastic, the opposite end has a rubber tips to secure the pole to the floor.  Zipper closures are included with the kit to create openings for access.

Zip wall also offers a unique two-piece doorway with magnetic strips on the edges that keep the area secure. Walk through the door and the magnets automatically close it behind you.

Order your Zip Wall lit on and get your project started the right way. This truly is an amazing system and one I will be using the next time I do any remodeling.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2019-03-15T00:37:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC