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What In The World Is a P-Trap?

We all have them in our homes, right there under the sink, but most of us seldom think about them, until they clog. 

Yes,  the P-Trap is the drain under our kitchen and bathroom sinks.

It’s called a P-Trap due to the shape, it looks like the letter P on its side, the reason for the shape is to maintain water in the loop or lower part of the trap to prevent sewer gas from entering our homes. The design places the loop below the waste water line so the loop stays full at all times. This also prevents water from back flowing into our sinks.

When the drain clogs this is the first place to look for the blockage, the P-Trap can easily be removed and cleaned with simple hand tools. Some P-Traps have a plug at the bottom of the loop to drain and remove debris if the flow is slow, however in most cases you will have to remove the P-Trap to clear a major blockage.

The most common cause of blockages in the bathroom is hair that enters the drain, in kitchen it is usually food or grease that causes drain blockage.

So the next time your drain is slow, open the cabinet and check out the P-Trap.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2018-10-15T22:39:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC