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What In The World Is a San Angelo Bar?

If you have ever tried to dig in the tough clay soil of Southern California then you would appreciate having a San Angelo bar. The San Angelo bar is for digging, it has a pointed tip on one end for braking the soil and a flat tip on the opposite end for digging. It is 5 to 6 foot in length and weighs 16 pounds, heavy enough to brake the soil but not too heavy to lift and use.

The San Angelo bar is named for the tough lime rich soil in San Angelo, Texas, the soil has a very hard top layer called caliche, and locals developed a bar tough enough to break through this tough top layer of soil to cultivate the land. The name stuck and today San Angelo bars are sold nationwide.



While it is used to dig and pry out rocks and boulders from the soil. It also is useful for moving any heavy object around the yard. The next time you run in to that immovable object in your landscape go get yourself a San Angelo bar and win the battle.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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