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What In The World Is a Water Hammer Arrester?

When water is flowing and is suddenly shut off, the sudden stoppage of flow causes a reaction in the plumbing, this reaction is called a water hammer, as it sounds like someone is hammering on your plumbing.  This knocking noise is the piping absorbing the impact. Loosely installed piping can cause even greater noise as it moves and impacts structure. Water hammers can damage plumbing and create failures causing leaks.

The solution is a water hammer arrester, this device absorbs the reaction, preventing damage to the plumbing fixtures and leaks. This arrester consists of a cylinder with a piston or a rubber bladder and a pocket of air. When the hammer occurs, the arrester absorbs the energy and prevents the pipes from hammering.

Water hammer arresters can be permanently installed in your plumbing system or added at a strategic point such as near the washing machine, which uses water on and off during the cycle.

Either way a water hammer arrester will help prevent plumbing damage and prolong the life of your plumbing. You can purchase a water hammer arrester at your local Home Depot or online at


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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