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What Makes It Work? - Paint and Primer in One


Last time we talked about one coat paint and the formula to create that product, So how about paint and primer in one? Consumers have always desired an easier and faster way to complete a project and painting is one of the steps everyone wants to streamline.

Thus, in 2009 Behr developed the first paint and primer in one, this product as described allows performing two steps in one. Instead of a separate primer coat and then a final coat, the primer is part of the final coat.

But is this too much of a compromise to be successful? Let’s discuss how primer works and why it is important to a good paint finish.

Primer serves several purposes, it seals the wood preventing wood sap from penetrating the surface and spoiling the new finish, it covers stains which often allows one final coat instead of two, and it creates an even and uniform surface with the right texture to allow good adhesion of the final coat. A good primer coat will make your finished surface look better and last longer.

So, is paint and primer in one better than two separate steps? The answer is yes and no. Paint and primer in one is really a concept rather than a reality, paint manufactures don’t just add primer to the paint but manufacture a product that in the end will create the same results as the two separate steps at least in appearance.

Paint and Primer in one is created by using more pigment in the paint to create a thicker coat that will look as good as the two step process, the problem is this product does not seal the wood or cover stains like traditional primer and as a result often requires two coats for a satisfactory result.

The best use of paint and primer in one is on interior surfaces where sealing is not as important as on the exterior and color changes are less dramatic. But it’s use on exterior surfaces is less effective, especially on new unfinished wood.

The next time your painting the interior of your home consider paint and primer in one, it will save you time and effort performing your redecorating projects.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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