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What color code for paint

I have old paint

Colorant.           Oz.  48.  96
B lamp black.  .  0.   18.   0
C yellow oxide.   0.  93.   0
R exterior re.       0.   9.    0

Went to get matched and the gave me a a white paint on color

Base PR170
CLRNT.   I TL. I      I     I    I
OZ.         I 0    I      I     I     I
384th      I 1    I      I     I     I

I told her it was just white paint but she said that was thee color color 

My house isn't white but more cream.and need to match 
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Posted 2019-03-11T21:32:17+0000  by Aedgington Aedgington
Hello Aedgington and welcome to the Community.


Paint manufactures are always trying to improve their paints by the change the chemical formulas.  When the formulas change often the paint codes will no longer match.  The best way to get a matching color is to bring in a sample of the paint or the can lid.  Home depot has a machine that can analyse the sample and create a match. 

Another approach is to go to the store and collect a variety of color chips that you think are close to the color you need.  Take them home and compare them to your house in the same natural light.  Once you have chosen a color you think is right you can also buy an 8oz. color sample to try at home. 

Click on this LINK to use an online tool for exploring color options.  Keep in mind a computer image may vary from the actual color.

Thank you for your inquiry and for shopping at the Home Depot.

Posted 2019-03-14T18:26:43+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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