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What does poison ivy look like?

Hey everyone.


For someone who is so allergic to Poison Ivy as I am, I can spot poison ivy a mile away. When I was a child, I could play in poison Ivy up to my neck and never get it but, immunity can wear off.


Poison Ivy will usually appear on the skin 24 to 48 hours after it has been touched and needs to be washed off the skin within 1 hour after being touched. You can not get poison ivy from the rash of another person if you were to come into contact with them, for poison ivy oils have at that point already been absorbed and washed off that person. You must come into contact with the plants or plant oil.


The clothing you had on or garden tools that you were using can still have the oils on them and can still give you poison ivy if not washed off. You can even get poison ivy from your dog if it has been walking through poison ivy and has gotten the oils on its fur. This is why it is good to seek and destroy any poison ivy in the yard.


poison ivy.JPGPoison ivy

 Because poison ivy and poison oak both have 3 leaves, it is said "leaves of 3, let it be".

poison ivy2.JPGMore poison ivy

There can be some slight nuances with the shapes of leaves, that is why when in doubt, follow the leaves of three, let it be rule.

virginia creeper.JPGVirginia creeper is harmless (leaves of 5)

This plant has leaves that look identical to poison ivy but it has 5 and it is completely harmless. Therefore "leaves of 5, you'll survive"


Picture above is poison oak which grows more as a shrub and less like a vine.

What is the best thing to kill poison ivy?


brush be gone (1).jpground up.jpgbayer poison ivy killer.jpg



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