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What on earth kind of brackets are these and where can I find them??

I've been wanting to build some custom shelves out of 2X4s and 24" plywood to run along the interior sides of my garage, just like what my father in law has in his garage. He got a hardware kit years ago (no brand I can see) that let him do this. The setup, as you can see in the photos below, is modular, and allows for shelf height adjustment.

Basically, there are 3 kinds of parts in the kit:

1) vertical 90* L brackets that mount along the vertical 2X4's acting as the vertical supports/edges of shelves. He has 2 36" long brackets mounted on the front, inside corner of the vertical 2x4s. There are 4 vertical posts per shelf (of course!), and the front-facing, inside edges are what these are affixed to. These have raised openings, into which the shelf mounts slide in.

2) Left side shelf mounts (what you see in the photos). These are shaped so that a 2X4 can slip into them, and has screw holes to allow permanent fixing to the horizontal 2X4s supporting each shelf. These are different for the R and L sides, so that the shelf mount "tongue" can face outward, and slide into the raised, openings on the vertical brackets.

3) Right side shelf mounts (not seen in photos but act the same way, on the right hand side of the shelf)


Below are some photos of what he has - sorry for the orientation - Photobucket lets me rotate them, save them, but then the URLs revert to the original....sigh.


I've spent over an hour on searching for something like this. I've gone to 2 different Home Depots and several local hardware stores - no one seems to carry this hardware or something like it.


Has anyone see it for sale anywhere - even online? I'm at wit's end!








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Posted 2013-01-02T21:38:28+0000  by Philbert Philbert

Hello Philbert!


Thanks for bringing your spring cleanup idea to The Community!


Simpson Strong-Tie makes a 2 x 4 Rigid Tie Connector that will help you assemble your storage shelves.

Simpson Strong-Tie 2 x 4 Rigid Tie Connector.jpg Ideal for construction of storage shelving units or workbenches!

According to the manufacturer, "Make sturdy, good-looking projects that will last with the RTC Rigid Tie. This series secures two wood members to a vertical post forming a 90 degree corner. These connectors are ideal for the construction of workbenches and storage shelving units."


Their assembly features include:

  • No angled cuts or angled fastening that can split the wood
  • Stronger than other methods of corner construction
  • Made from 18 gauge steel
  • Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance
  • Install with (20) SD8x1.25 Strong-Drive screws

So, while I wasn't able to find the exact connector you showed in your photos, I was able to identify this readily available option that will help you build your storage shelves.


Ask your Building Materials Associate to show you Simpson Strong-Tie supplies near where lumber is sold.


NOTE: Storage totes with lids would be a great way to organize your supplies. Simply build your shelves to accommodate the width and height of the bins ... your Flooring Associate can help you with readily available options.

HDX 13-Gallon Flip-Top Tote.jpg

Posted 2013-01-03T16:24:09+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks PatlnPaint for the detailed response and suggestions.  That piece looks sturdy, certainly, but I can't tell from the photo how it mounts to the vertical 2X4 pieces?  If it mounts on the inside, I could build shelves with multiple shelves.  If it mounts on the outside of the vertical 2X4, I imgagine I could only build ONE horizontal shelf per unit?  I want to be able to build shelves with multiple horizontal shelves.

Posted 2013-01-03T17:57:47+0000  by Philbert

Fantastic Philbert!


This is exactly what you need to build multiple shelves onto a single support post.


Your wood support post will accept several of these at varying intervals ... maybe you could set them at exactly the right height to accommodate the storage bins and make the whole system wide enough to handle three or four storage bins side-by-side.


Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie Connector.jpg  Here is another version that may also be used for your application.

Your best resource is your Building Materials Associate who can show you the full compliment available at The Store.


I use these when building decks and there is no better, long-lasting solution for adding secure support.


My preference for securing Simpson Strong-Tie is their screws.


A multi-speed drill with the right bit will make quick work of assembly.


When you complete your storage system, be certain to come back and post photos of your handiwork.


I can't wait to see your solution!

Posted 2013-01-03T18:07:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

That's great, thanks for the link and recommendation.  While searching their product site I also came across this workbench/shelving kit kit, which comes with 8 brackets and 200 of their screws:


For $40 for the complete kit, you end up saving almost $15 over buying the same components on their own!


I think I'll end up getting 1 or 2 of these kits and maybe some extra brackets depending on my custom design.


Once I get my act together and build this I'll be sure to post photos and feedback.


Thanks again!

Posted 2013-01-03T22:47:41+0000  by Philbert

UPDATE: Built my shelves - love them!


I ended up building 3 custom shelving units - two high ones to accommodate my tall garage items, and one very tall one with 4 shelves plus some room on the ground for smaller items. It really cleaned up the garage nicely and I'm able to fit everything on shelves, with a little room to spare. We can park two cars inside now, though it's a little tight with the 18" shelves on one side (existing Gorilla shelves) and 24" shelves on the other (my newly built shelves).


I used the Simpson Strong Tie RTC24 brackets (4 per shelf) and some 2x4 and 24" plywood to use for shelving tops. Turned out pretty expensive but these should last forever. I also got 4 boxes of 8x1.25" self tapping screws to mount the brackets.


For those doing it in the future I recommend the KWB1 Strongtie kit (online only):


The kit is more economical than buying everything individually.


I am having a bugger of a time uploading photos of them that I took.  I can't seem to upload direct from PC, nor photobucket - the website keeps hanging up when I click "insert".  will try again later. 

Posted 2013-01-14T20:29:51+0000  by Philbert

trying to post these photos goes.



 photo IMG_2510_zps5a9d840d.jpg photo IMG_2508_zpsf3e058c8.jpg photo IMG_2507_zpsabbab9bc.jpgThe other side of the garage, just for fun:  photo IMG_2506_zpsb0e30487.jpg photo IMG_2505_zps905ce013.jpg photo IMG_2504_zpscfdc2031.jpgAnd now we can park two cars in here!  photo IMG_2516_zps9a3b67eb.jpg
Posted 2013-01-19T18:01:56+0000  by Philbert

Outstanding Project Philbert!


This is what DIY is all about!


It isn't even spring yet and you're already organized!


Thanks for taking time to share your experience and results with The Community!


WOULD YOU PLEASE: On page one of The Community, we have a place where our customers can "brag" about their projects. If you wouldn't mind, would you take a moment to post several of these photos there as well ... I'm certain other Community members will appreciate your pointers.


On the main page you'll find it under "Project Library" ... "I Did This: Customer Show Off"


Thank you again!

Posted 2013-01-24T18:12:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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