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What to use to build portable garden tool shed

I am looking to build a small shed for my garden tools that is portable.  I am figuring on using  eitheer 2x2 or 2x4 for the frame, but am not sure what kind of wood  to use for the rest.  I am wondering if plywood would work well if I treat it with linseed oil or waterseal?  Also, I do not plan to set a foundation as I rent, I am only planning on it being big enough for garden tools, a weedeater and possibly other small things.  I am planning on using tin on the roof since I can get it cheap.  I also do not know what to use for the floor.

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Posted 2012-05-01T07:58:49+0000  by s10sleeper s10sleeper

Hello s10sleeper.  Welcome to the Community!


By definition, portable sheds will either be easily moved, (with a base on skids), or easily disassembled for site removal.  A small shed for tools may be best handled by simply purchasing a portable plastic shed like this one:

Vertical Utility Shed.jpg

If you want to build one from wood then building permit and local building code requirements come into play.


These requirements may or may not allow you to build a base/floor out of pressure treated lumber framing and plywood.  This would obviously be preferable to a concrete base on your rented property. Pressure treated wood would also be better than treating standard wood with either linseed oil or water seal.


Building codes will also detail the minimum construction requirements for walls and the roof structure.


There are a number of posts on the community that address shed construction and base preparation.

Let me link you to a few since there's a lot of good information here:


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I hope this helps,





Posted 2012-05-01T15:55:18+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks for the info, i will check into it.  What my plan is is to use a heavy duty plastic pallet that i got ahold of and put a baseboard on it for a floor.  I do have the concerns of the ground settling as it always does in my area.  My landlord has no problem with me doing it and neither does the city as they think it will actually improve the way it looks rather than having garden tools outdoors as my house is too small.


I want to do it out of wood as I like the satisfaction of building it myself, plus I really want to put my tools to use.

Posted 2012-05-02T04:42:48+0000  by s10sleeper

I think Wood be a better option rather than anything else. Timber would be fine as far as wood is concerned. Just check out for it.

Posted 2012-05-03T13:01:54+0000  by MarkHenry

What you can do, is take 2x6's, build a box frame, put metal stakes in to hold the box in place, and pour a gravel foundation to build your shed on. It is more flexable and is less likely to "settle" like regular soil. To make it more stable (and cheaper than concrete, but I would recommend concrete) you can put a layer of sand over the gravel, which will ease the sand into said gravel making it more compact and even more stable to build your shed on.

Posted 2012-05-04T14:15:16+0000  by Garrett

You could do something like this:


Pallet Shed.jpg


Just build some walls out of PT 2x4's, skin them with some exterior grade plywood or T-111 siding sheets. Frame out a simple door and hang with some gate hinges. Use corrugated clear roofing sheets for the roof. This will give you more light to see which tool you're grabbing. The only thing you'll need to consider it anchoring it to the ground so it doesn't blow over.

Posted 2012-05-05T20:37:16+0000  by Paul

This is just to further illustrate what I was talking about. It is by no means the best way to design a door for this thing.


I've also included an idea I had for rain water reclamation for use in a garden and/or the included containers (shown as rain gutters on the sides of the shed).


Pallet Shed2.jpg


Posted 2012-05-06T15:53:14+0000  by Paul
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